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buying pump, what size?

buying pump, what size?

Well im buying a pump and i need to know what would be the best tube size.

My size is, about 7,9in(bp) length and about 5,9 girth, and i don’t know does this matter but my cock is about 2in wide.

If i buy a cheap one what is the problem, is it totally useless?
And the size, if the fit ain’t perfect is it totally terrible.

Looking to be a kiwi.


Try using a cylinder that’s a little smaller in diameter than your flaccid size. By pumping in a tight cylinder like this, I don’t think you will draw excessive lymph fluid into your penis. Believe it or not, I’m pretty sure pumping this way will cause you to gain both length and girth. The main potential problem from this method is that your glans is going to be taking the brunt of the vacuum pressure. Wrapping the glans with a sports wrap may help with this considerably. Shorter sessions of 15 or 20 minutes with a low starting pressure would be advisable.


I think erect girth is a more sensible way to estimate your tube requirement than flaccid girth, because flaccid size is so variable. And, after all, we’re erect under vacuum and that size

At there’s a size chart link at the bottom of most pages. This chart is based on erect measurements. Take a look at that to get an idea of what you need.

I agree with RHogg that a narrower tube is much better than one that is too wide, especially for length stretch. If your glans is much wider than your shaft, just use a lot of lube inside the tube and on your glans and you should be OK, even if your glans packs the tube and your shaft does not.



why does cylinder size matter.

girth is what it's worth

Are those pumps for horses ;) ?
I took a look at the size table and it starts for penises with a girth of 4.75” and ends at 25.25” !!
I am also interested in the questions - why does cylinder size matter (apart from pumping the balls, too)?
Are cheap pumps useless or why is the range from a few $ to > 100$?

Thanks in advance,

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First of all, cheap pumps/cylinders are totally useless, because they don’t hold a good vacuum and the pumping mechanism wears out fast.

Kauna, You are right at the cross roads of cylinder size. First of all, because of your length, I think you should buy a 10 inch tube instead of a 9. Now for your girth, a 2 inch tube will take you up to at least 6.28 girth, but I think you will find that you will pack this tube rather quickly, which is fine, cuz that will focus more on length gains. The next cylinder up, the 2.25, you might find slightly large at first and have some trouble keeping your balls from being sucked up into the tube, but it is a tube you could easlily graduate to.

I have both the 2 inch and 2.25 inch and after a few months pumping, I would start off with the 2 inch, pack it, and then switch to the 2.25 inch to finish my pumping session. Believe me, that quarter inch makes a big difference in cylinder size.

So, because you are new to pumping, I think you should start with the 2 inch. Take your time, and start with low pressures and get your cock well conditioned to the process. If pumping turns out to be your thing, you will probably be graduating to a 2.25 inch cylinder.

Remember, the pump is way more powerful than your cock is so watch the gauge. Another good reason not to buy a cheap pump, they don’t have gauges.

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Size tube

gprint: second question for you today:

According to the wise elders at Dr. Kaplan’s office, the 2” tube is for girth where as the really huge, 4” penis & scrotum cylinder is supose to be for length because it, from what I understand, pulls the ligs from underneath the scrotum. They suggest alternating the tubes evry other day. Does this sound reasonable to you or any of you guys out there? I’ve experenced quite a bit of girth gains with the smaller tube 1-1/8” in 6 months and about 1” length(could be contributed to other things though). I pack the tube after a couple of 15 min reps at 5 in hg, but seem to loose a little length just out of the tube. Come out looking short and fat about 6-3/4X7” Whereas with the big tube I come out with huge balls and sac and a little longer flaccid length. Much more than three reps with the big cylinder and my balls hang to my knees. I experince less problems with the donut effect with the bigger tube, although sac gets puffy and feels as if it is filled with fluid until massaging. I’t massage away easily though. With the small tube I have to really be carefull or I end up with a Krispy Kreme. Any advice please

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