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Buying penis pump - need help

Buying penis pump - need help

I wanna buy penis pump. My budget is around 100$. I was watching leluve on ebay. My problem is that I am from croatia (eu) and I can pay for it and shipping, but here taxes are to big when you order outside eu. Can you tell me if I can buy some good pump in parts and where to buy? Under 30 $ there are no taxes.. Please help. I was reading and loved lelove and thick wall cylinders and gotta figure out where to buy pump with gauge.

Any info would be grat. Ty

I agree with Dude151. Stay with jelqing and save up your money.

Get a good quality cylinder and a pump with gauge from the start,
Otherwise you’ll just be throwing your money away on cheaply made pumps.

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Ok. But can you tell me where from is best to order in eu? Must be here some guys from eu with good pumps. Ty for anwsers

Isn’t thickwall from EU? You can buy just the cylinder and use your mouth as a pump untill you have some more money. You can buy the pump from a local store, the kind used to clean car brake from fluids; it will cost way less than buying from a penis pumps store.

>Isn’t thickwall from EU?<

Yup, so no import duty or anything like that. I think there’s a pro pump shop in Germany too but I can’t find the link and don’t know the quality of their kit.

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Is thickwall beter then leluv? Leluv is less money with fees. And I can not find pumps in local stores. Will check for germwn store. Ty

Originally Posted by atomac
I have found cylinder…=item53fc040e0f
And pump…=item58a73fbcd7
Do I need special coupling wit this or this two is all I need?

First, that cylinder is being sold from the States and will have a large shipping fee to you. Second, that brake bleeder pump will require a special connector and that makes it very difficult for you to use.

Why don’t you order a complete starter package from thickwall UK?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Because will cost more than $100 Gprent; a 1 £ = $1.6 roughly, I think.

Pump is not the problem this one in my link, they ship to cro and fee is 2-3 gbp, and thickwall is 50+ gbp, and leluv 25+16(shiping) usd. Now problem is connector. Price is 6 usd and shipping 16-20 :S

Is leluv selling those types of connectors so I can order both?

You can ask if they will ship the male connector PN 5012k251 to you that costs only $1.77. Here is the web page listing that connector.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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