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Buying a pump

Buying a pump

I am going to buy a pump, i need to know if pumps do any type of perminate enlargment( because now after several years of manual pe and even using powerjelq im convinced that normal pe doesnt work) and if so what kind of pump would be best for my money.


I can’t say definitively that pumping causes permanent enlargement but based on my personal experience it can. I gained an inch over about 4 mos of regular pumping before I started combining that with jelking exercises and none of that ever receded.

When I was shopping for a pump, I chose LA Pump both for price and quality and it has turned out to be a dependable and responsive company. Don’t look at the photo gallery there (of course you will; everybody does) as most photos are if guys who have overworked and ended up with distortions - which they actually seem to like.



I’ve pumped for a number of years and haven’t seen anything I could call a permanent gain from it.

Start with something sturdy and simple, not a toy from the dirty book store. If you like pumping, you can always find one that does more.

Actually, you can generate enough vacuum through mouth suction to get started. Just buy a small sun-tea jar and some tubing and go for it. Tom H. may have written about this. If not others have.



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

Well if vacume doesnt cause perminate it brings the question can anything?


did you gain an inch in length or girth? I imagine pumping would only give girth gains but then again I’m still waiting for my pump :)

On another note, even if the gains are never permanent, some pumpers get a 24 hour pump after a while, or so I’ve read. If you pump daily or almost daily you’ve still got a way to get a little gain even if it is cheating in a way …

Pumps & pumping

Hi Doc!

You seem to be either sceptical or just unlucky !

I can’t speak about jelqing or hanging, and I’m just a newbie to pumping.
Perhaps a lot depends on how much time and effort you want to put into getting a bigger cock ?
Also, perhaps your age may have something to do with it.
I looked at your website link, which did nothing to reveal anything about you, and I’d no idea what it was all about ! I would guess that you will be quite young though (well anything is young compared with me !).

I started pumping a month ago.
Like I say, I’m pretty old.
Why did I start ? Well, because I recently found I’g got diabetes, and some occasional ED, so I took a look and realized I’d lost a couple of my former 8”, which I want to get back !

So, my interest is not so much in growing, but that’d be a bonus. If I recover anything otowards my lost 8” that’ll be all I ask.

Now: there’s a lot of info on pumps and pump quality here. Just look at the relevant threads, and you will find it. Here in England, UK there’s not as much choice of kit, but in the U.S. there’s a flood.
Do as someone suggests - if your’e not sure about your wish to pump, there’s no point in spending a lot. The porn shop stuff is pretty well rubbish, but at $10 or so, it might get you started, and you can always go for the “pro” quality if you get hooked.

My excperience - so far - (remembering that I’m old!) - it may be temporary, but it looks and feels good ! My package is so good, that I’m much more conscious of it all the time. I feel really good, for the first time in years. I just do a minimum of pumping, and at minimum vacuum pressures, as all I want to do is to get the blood flowing through my cock again. It really works too!

As I say, it depends what your’e looking for. You don’t give us anything to go on - e.g. how big you are, what you seek to get, or whatever. Just a bald statement that nothing works, will not win you many friends !

Please let us have some more details: if we can help, we will OK ?
I can understand your frustration if you have been trying for a while, but perhaps your expectations are not realistic ? We don’t know, do we ?

What I can say with certainty, is if you decide to pump, provided you approach it sensibly and realistically, I think you will be surprised with your results; if they’re not permanent, then why worry ? Enjoy while it lasts, then just keep on doing it OK ?

Good Luck


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Originally posted by nigret

did you gain an inch in length or girth? I imagine pumping would only give girth gains but then again I'm still waiting for my pump :)

On another note, even if the gains are never permanent, some pumpers get a 24 hour pump after a while, or so I've read. If you pump daily or almost daily you've still got a way to get a little gain even if it is cheating in a way …

Hi Nig !

I’d say it depends on several factors.
1. how big is your cock compared to that of the tube you select.
2. how much you want to achieve at the end of the day
3. whether you want to get an increase -hard, or flaccid, and hard (You should get both)
4. how dedicated you are, and how you approach it.


My experience (just about 4 weeks only) is that when I’m pumped to erection, the tube is “packed”, which means that thre whole bore of the tube is effectively blocked by my swollen cock. Then, only then, any additional vacuum will mainly affect the length, that’s because there’s nowhere else for the girth to grow - either I get a wider tube, or I go for length.

In my case, I’m happy with my existing length, and the girth is OK too, so all I really want is to sustain blood flow and exchange to my dick, so that it retains good health which normally, nigh-time and day erections would do for me.
Also my new diabetes has robbed me of a couple of inches (just crept up on me!), and I intend to get em back if I can !

Hope you get yr pump soon. DO let us know how you go with it, or post any other questions OK ?

Good Luck



What was your routine? What was your intensity of training? how many rest days did you take?

Them are some of the things that we need to know and maybe someone can figure out why you have not seen anything!

Don’t take me wrong or anything, but its just hard for me to believe that you did not gain nothing in 2 years! I have been at it for 5 months and I have great results. I did dedicate allot of my time to my routine.



What was your routine?

Originally Posted by Mjinina
What was your routine?


Modemmer hasn’t been around here in awhile. I think if you do a search of Modemmer’s posts you’ll come up with a routine of his somewhere. He did real well by PE in general and taught me a few things, too. He was always trying to figure out why something worked. Cool attitude, that.



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