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Buying a Pump in Australia Plz reply

Buying a Pump in Australia Please reply

Hi, I am in Australia and would like to buy a quality pump which will improve my erections.

Which companies are reliable and ship internationally? Or, is there any companies in Australia that can provide me with a decent (non porn shop) pump for pumping to improve erections?

At 18, and having had every test possible and finding nothing, I am at the end of my tether and want to try this in order to improve my erections.

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Lapdist ships internationally and have a high quality product that will be the last pump you will ever have to buy. You should invest in the Deluxe pump with gauge and for you size, you should order a 9”X2” cylinder. Here is the site:…tegory_Code=all

Gprent, what do you think about buying an electrical pump from Kaplan? It is about $565 for complete set. I need your suggestion.

Originally Posted by avg_joe
Gprent, what do you think about buying an electrical pump from Kaplan? It is about $565 for complete set. I need your suggestion.

I think that is just way too much money. A manual pump is really not a hassle.

Thanks. What difference will it make between having the regular cylinder and the double ended one?

Double ended? You have a buddy you want to get that close to? I think that before you try pumping up two cocks in one cylinder, you master pumping up just one. :)

LOL ok, I just for some reason didn’t compute that’s what they’re for, I thought it might somehow improve the pump or something. Thanks

I would just like to ask a few questions too about pumping in this thread instead of searching for them all.

I really do not want to damage my ligaments. At what pressure will this start to happen? From what I have read I am assuming I should never go above 5 - 6.

If I enter the tube with a semi erection, and start pumping, and get a full ‘normal’ sized erection, how long should I leave it in there for? And, if I was to take a break after say 10 mins, how many ‘sets’ should I do?

Will kegelling when in the pump help?

Will Jeqling in between ‘sets’ help erections, do nothing or probably make them worse?

Go to the Pumping 101 thread and at least read the first post which will answer most of your procedure and getting started questions.

I have never heard of anyone experiencing ligament distress due to pumping. High pressure will cause discoloration, lymph bloating or water blister problems, but not ligament problems. Just stay in the 5”hg range for at least 3 months, and perhaps you will find this pressure level will always work for you.

Yes, do kegel while pumping.

Yes, do jelq in between pump sets, once you work up to a multiple set level.

Please read Pumping 101 first.

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