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Bruised penis recovery

Bruised penis recovery

Several days ago I pumped my penis without a gauge at Hg levels that felt higher than normal, probably in the area of 7 Hg range. My glans felt bruised for two days. I encountered moderate discomfort again yesterday morning after I pumped for 10 minutes (2-3Hg) and proceeded to have sex with my wife. Quite painful trying to enter her.

Last night I pumped my balls at low pressure (2 Hg) for 1 hour and this morning I pumped my penis at low pressure (2 Hg) for 1 hour. Later this morning I had great pumped-up sex with my wife for over 1 hour with only slight discomfort.

Tonight everything feels normal, no discomfort at all.

Was my improved condition due primarily to the passage of time or the extended low pressure pumping last night?

It would be best to give it a couple of days at least to see if there is no damage. But you are rather pushing your luck using the pump if you have had a warning message

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I would say its due to passage of time. I usually take a week off whenever I start experiencing any discomfort from exercise or pumping.

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Thanks guys. I rested another day and all feels well. I will wait another day before resuming.

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