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Bruise do not want to go away


Dear all,

Finally the x times this year my redness due to an inside bruise is desapeared after 3 weeks….It seems that I am too sensitive to arnica gel (maybe the alcohol it is inside), I take out my redness with some vitamin K + horse chesnut cream from Jason and also a cream with dexpanthenol. There is no more redness but I feel still some kind of itching inside. This time due to your advices I will stay away from pumping for the next two weeks until I feel completly heal. I don’t know if I have damage some veine I hope not. I will stay away also from masturbating for the next week. I will try to massa slightly my penis with some emu oil, it seems good for spider vein and bruise. I have bought also a complement in vitamin C with boflavonoid, also Gotu cola and horse chesnut supplement to strentgh my capillaries.

I will take you informed, hoping I will restart pumping soon because my wife is not fully satisfact with my tool.

Do you know where I could find a details procedure with pictures and video (massaging,milking the tubes, wrapping, water pumping) on the net ?


Danson —— The itching could be caused by the Vitamin K cream. It is my understanding that K cream should not be used on a mucous membrane and I do believe that the glands is considered a mucous membrane, especially if you are uncut. While the K is good for spider veins and other skin problems it is not to be used in certain places. I used to have a jar of K cream and it had the warning on it but I could not find it so I must have thrown it away. Any way it would be good on your part to do some research and check for sure.

Make it a great day and good luck to you ———————-Necogy

I agree about the blood thinning effects of Vit E, fish oils and aspirin. Take one high quality vitamin and mineral pill everyday with breafast, that’s all you need. Don’t waste your money buying/taking “fancy” supplements hoping that it will make the bruise go away, because it won’t. Many in this forum try to make PE seem like rocket science :rolleyes: It isn’t.

Simply rest it (that means NO PE). It make take a week or even a month to get better.


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