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Break, or start the 101 pumping routine directly?

Break, or start the 101 pumping routine directly?

After 4 month no gain, I had a two week break. (a month ago)

In the break I received the auto-extender and gave myself a real light injury, but I didn’t do any form of Pe in the two week further. So I think I did rest some.

After the two weeks I started with the auto-extender and jelqing again. Also hanged a bit with the head of the extender.

I think I gained minimal 1/16 and max 1/8”.
My erections are not strong anymore as usual, but rockhard, like my dick is going to pop. Serious..

Now I have ordered a pump.
How about taking a three week break again (after 5 weeks Pe) and then start pumping again, with a clean start?

Or would it be a idea to start pumping directly, following the 101 thread, because I had a two week break??

Some insights please..

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..


If you’re gaining, keep following the same routine! Increased erection strength is a sign of good things to come!


Originally Posted by anon771

I think I gained minimal 1/16 and max 1/8”.
My erections are not strong anymore as usual, but rockhard, like my dick is going to pop. Serious..

I’m pretty sure that anon is describing increased erection strength here, sparky


If that is the case…yes, very good sign!

If you gave yourself an injury with the autoextender…I suspect you are using too much force in general…common mistake!

I think any ONE of those pe methods can produce good gains for you…if used PROPERLY!

For many of us, the zone of force/time that produces gains is narrow, and easily OVERDONE.

I think for a beginner to do more than 2 methods is to have so many variables going on that it is almost impossible to make progress.

I say pick one or two and work with that for a few months.

Start with a minimum routine, an newbie routine and stick with that until you see you have it dialed in and are making progress.

THEN….and only then you can add in something else and have some idea what it is doing for you.

If you are using the autoextender, start with a mild, pleasant tension level.

Find a light weight of about 2-3 lbs and hang it from your penis and measure cold flaccid strecthed length each morning. You could probably use the autoextender head for it. Use the same wt each time.

If you are making progress, keep the tension the same amount.

If you aren’t making progress, and still have rock hard erections, increase the tension.

If you aren’t making progress, and are getting softer erections…decrease the tension.

I think jelquing would work good in conjunction, but start easy, about 5 minutes a day to start. The same way to measure as I wrote above, would apply.

It sounds like you push too hard, so try backing off in the intensity.

If you use the above method to evaluate your progress, it should really help you see where you are at.

If you find you are getting shorter…its a sure sign of over doing it.

Remember, if you get some shortening, it can take up to a few weeks to recover!

Start easy and slowly increase as warranted…and you will make progress!

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