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BPEL vs Length in the tube?

BPEL vs Length in the tube?

I’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks that my length in the tube is significantly longer than my BPEL. I’m relatively new to pumping, having started about 4 months ago and am wondering if this is common?

My BPEL runs about 6 7/8 to 7 and length in the tube towards the end of a 20 minute session is 7 1/2 to 7 5/8. I pump at relatively low pressure, between 3hg and 4hg, if I were to increase pressure I’m sure the difference between BPEL and tube length would increase even further.

Any ideas?


What? Are you complaining, woogster? :-)

It’s part of the process. Stretching/expansion. You are under vacuum pressure in the tube. Don’t increase the pressure. You’re doing just fine. What you want to do now is “cement” the gain you see in the tube.

If it helps, I always saw tube increases as potential down the road for unpumped, erect gain later.



Hey, your girth is bigger too! Isn’t that why you bought the pump? To get bigger?

avocet, no complaints at all :)

Actually i’ve been very pleased with the results i’ve seen so far during my relatively short PE endeavor.

Thanks for your quick reply and i’m glad to hear that i’m on the right track.
Any suggestions you may have on “cementing” the gains would be greatly appreciated.

Also, do you all think that the size increases come from the inner penis being pulled out or the exposed penis simply being stretched or both?

I was a little concerned about my flacid size not increasing along with the other gains i’ve noticed, however since I started wearing the TheraP magnetic wrap a couple of weeks ago and my flacid hang is noticeably better already. That baby is awesome, easy to put on and remove, comfortable to wear. I wear it under jeans and is pretty much unoticeable, just looks like a nice fat cock :)



Yes, I’ve gotten great results so far during the 4 months or so I’ve been pumping. Actually better than I had hoped for during this amount of time, especially in girth gains.

One thing that does concern me however, is the discoloration I’ve noticed. My unit is significantly darker than it was pre-PE. You guys have this same problem when starting out? It started out as just the tiny red dots and has progressively darkened.


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