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Boston contour cylinder.

Boston contour cylinder.

What is the right way to go in the tube with the measuring red tape on the side or on the top?

Also are these tubes good for lenght?

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Place the red tape topside so you can read it easiest.

Never used a tube with a flare like that. Looks comfortable.



Wow, that is a crazy looking flare on the bottom… it looks way more comfortable than my inward-flared cylinder!

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Red tape on top makes alot of sense.

The tube is very comfortable.

Also if there is some gains in the tube does it translate to erect gains?

Over time, it’s very likely that degrees of the expansion you see in the cylinder under vacuum will translate into erect gains. Keep up your between pumping exercises - jelking, stretching, or whatever. They’re also important.



Thanks avocet8.

Re: Boston contour cylinder

Took a look at this on the . This was a sorry excuse for a website under 2003 standards. The photo posted by rband was clearer than the one on the website. They did provide some information about the Boston contour cylinder. It’s hard to see in rband’s photo, but there is an built-in internal cock ring (an indentation in the cylinder casting) at the base just above the contour. Interesting concept.

They also show the Boston thick-walled cylinders referred to by westla. Incidentally, according to the website, thick-walled cylinders smaller than 2.0” diameter are special order.

If I ever purchase either one of these two cylinders, I will try to order it through my local sex novelties shop that carries Boston flared cylinders. The Boston Pump website made no promises of discretion, plain packaging, etc. I hate having to explain mysterious packages that show up at my house.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

Their customer service is not the best either.


Nevertheless, the Boston pump cylinder is one of the finest on the market.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

Yes it is all hand made out of one piece with no glue marks anywhere.

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