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Bloodspotting continued..


Bloodspotting continued..

I’ve been on a mission to get excellent results from pumping with no bloodspotting. I’ve been experiementing with what my pump tells me 2 inches of mercury pressure and still get a very small amount of bloodspotting but next to no gain. This obviously irritated me so I now do 3 inches of mercury pressure with average bloodspotting but fantastic gains. 2 inches of mercury pressure feels like nothing, like its about to fall off the whole time, and 3 feels like its a averagely strong pull; does that sound about right? Some people have thought my pressure gauge may be faulty because they’ve never experienced bloodspotting under 4. I’m thinking either their right and my gauge is wrong, other people are using different measurements to me (hense me including the whole detail of pressure) or that if you steadily build up tollorence then blood spotting will stop. I often do long sessions with breaks every 20/30 minutes. I do warm up and use vitamin e oil/moisturizer. All thoughts, opinions and previous experience welcomed, I really want to stop the bloodspotting! Thanks alot,


Just to clarify, are you talking about the famous “red spots; red dots” or are you talking about blood coming out of your urethra, another fairly common result from overdoing PE.

What does “long session” mean to you with breaks every 20/30 minutes?



I think the vitamin E oil/moisturizer might be a mistake, because vitamin E is a blood thinner and may make you more prone to bleeding, or in this case, blood spotting. Lay off it for awhile.

What do you take as far as supplements go? Or even asprin for that matter. You seem ultra sensitive to blood spotting so you should be sure you are not ingesting something that would thin your blood.

I think horsechestnut powder strenghtens arteries veins and capillaries and serves to prevent all kinds of red spots, bruising and discoloration. Check out my other posts on horsechestnut powder. I am using it and getting results but it is a nasty tasting herb for sure.

Yes its the classic red spots and dots, clear up after a night pretty much. As far as supplements go hardly anything, just occasionally some protein and creatine for weight lifting. Does L-Arginine thin blood or have the opposite effect because I have some of that stuff.. And Hog, would you recommend I take vitamin C as a supplement as well or were you suggesting against me taking it? Long sessions I mean generally as 2 hours with good breaks every 20 minutes. Thanks for all the help


Very interesting about this horse chestnut powder, it comes in pills and even a cream.. surely the cream would be the most useful in this context? And im keen to know about the vitamin C, would this be a major benefit?


L-a is said to strengthen the vascular system of the entire body, among other things. I don’t know if it has any effect on red spots.



How about the Vit-C? Its frequently mentioned in PE, whats its major benefit?

Dear Bizzabolla,

I have (had, because yet I have to recover from bruise due to hight pressure or wet jelk) same problem like you mention. I starte to have red spots at 3 hg. Below no red spots but also no gain…I get the best strech at 5 hg but may red spots also. I was taking some fish oil, I spot or reduce….from 1 soup spoon to a tea spoon. I will try for a while to take vitamin c 1000mg with flavonoids to restrentgh my capillaries, also gotu kola and horse chesnut for vascular elasticity……(and stop smoking)….



Vitamin C should be taken by almost everyone as it is a anti-oxident removing free radicales from the blood. As for the red spots (Petechia)—it takes months for them to clear. They occur when the capillaries burst or the vein has burst causing deep bleeding under the skin. If it is severe—it could take three-six months to clear up properly. As we all advocate (Sorry Avocet8 couldn’t help myself) pumping around 5Hg. mostly prevents this. Strong hard jelquing will do it also but is mostly on the surface. L-Arginine releases Nitric Oxide into the blood stream and help with the pump.Plenty of water is good also.—Steve

2nd day of horse chestnut capsules, no change in bloodspotting.


Hi bizzabolla. This is what I use just for your reference. It is almost certainly working for me to minimize the red spotting such as you have. I get it from The key thing is that this powder is a 20% extract. If yours is the same thing then that is fine. I use a level quarter teaspoon once a day. That works out to be 600 milligrams of Horsechestnut Powder Extract. Stay with it. It might take a week or two but way less than a month to get results, from what I can remember from when I started. I also take a lot of vitamin C. But the Horsechestnut Powder Extract is what made the difference for me.


HORSECHESTNUT extract, 18-22% saponins, strengthens blood vessel wallHorsechestnut Powder Extracts and capillaries. In Europe & Asia it has long been a specific remedy for varicose veins, hemorrhoids, phlebitis, etc., even swelling from soft tissue injuries and other circulatory disorders. Powder very bitter and can harden in high humidity. Bitter. 200 day dose, 100 grams, $11.25. Code 865.0

Price $11.25

Quantity desired

Yes that seems right. One morning one at night would equal the dose that has given me results. 600mg. So stay with it for a while and keep us posted about what happens.

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