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Bloodmarks on Face

Bloodmarks on Face

Ive got a question for my first post as a pumper. I have used manual exercises to gain some length (strech,dryjelq) but not much else and have started the pumping 101 routine now. Today, after pumping for appx 5-6 minutes, after just reaching 5 hg in pressure, I noticed my face in the mirror and saw rather promominent red rings under both of my eyes. Could I have burst some blood vessels-on my face?- Alarmed, I stopped pumping and cleaned up. It seems theyve faded since then so i think I just have to take it easy.. but how could pumping have caused this and what can i do to prevent it in the future?

If it helps, ive been pumping fully erect as advised. This dosent seem to make my cock much bigger after exiting the pump but im told its better then going in flaccid for longterm results. Anyway, im wondering if anyones heard of this occuring and any help would be appreciated.

Are you putting the tube over your eye sockets? :D

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Your experience is a first for this Pumper’s Forum. I can’t imagine that pumping had anything to do with the red rings under your eyes. Had you taken any kind of medication or new supplement prior to your session, like niacin, viagra, etc.? Or maybe you manifested a physical reaction in response to anticipated pumping effects.


Well they are gone now. Maybe the sight of my big red member was too much for my head to bear :) It was definitley wierd but looks like no harms been done.

So, Im wondering if pumping fully erect is the way to go for permenant gains??

Conventional wisdom is that entering the tube fully erect will help you avoid excess fluid build up. Fluid build-up will make you LOOK bigger, but doesn’t contribute to permanent gains. Personally, it freaks me out; especially the dreaded “donut” of fluid that can form under the gland. That’s the reason I always enter the tube erect.


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