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Blood Pinpricks/Staining

Blood Pinpricks/Staining

Last couple weeks, I’ve started to get more prevalent blood pinpricks (on top, lower third of shaft) and purplish blood stains (on underside, near base). Do others have these issues? What’s the best treatment beside rest?

I’m not sure what’t bringing it on. Maybe its an accumulation type injury that is just now really starting to become noticable. Or maybe the after effect of a too-vigorous session from a couple of weeks ago. I have been using less pressure over the last month. I will throttle it back some more or maybe take a significant break if that doesn’t work.

I have noticed that the condition is more prevalent after the first session back after taking my rest day or two.

I’ve been getting some very good workouts recently, really starting to full pack my 2” tube on a regular basis, aided and abetted by pulse and condom pumping, so I hope this is just a short term problem.

Don’t squeeze quite so hard for a little while when jelqing or applying pressure to your cock. It sounds like you’re a pumper, so perhaps not evacuating so much of the air from the tube for a brief period, or rotating to another method for a while might help?

How long do they take to go away after they appear?

Well Tallythwacher you’ve bruised yourself!!! You may follow advise or not but it’s going to take 2-3 weeks to heal properly. You should not pump at all for this time. Been there and done that. Most hemitomias are a result from too much vacuum for too longer of a time. Rest—no jelquing—no sex—and massage your unit with pure Vitamine E. Break a 1000mg and massage it in. Go to GNC and buy a tube of Anica Gel—great for bruises and soreness. Like I said we pumpers have all been there and got the same results. In the future begin again with short light sessions and build up again. Keep plenty of lube on and “milk that tube” Steve


I also condom pump and have gotten “blood pinpricks” on occassion but they seem to go away in a number of hours. I have been condom pumping since the 7th of the month and I can tell you that I like the fuller dick and almost no swelling even though I pump twice a day for 3-5 10 minute sessions.

I dont worry about the blood spots because they dont hurt or last.

Good luck on your gains.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

The blood spots are temporary, a few hours to clear. Drop your pressure level and/or your time in the tube and you probably won’t even get them. In spite of what others may say, these pin spots of blood are not a “good sign of future gains” nor are they essential to getting gains. They are a bad sign that you are doing something too stressful for your cock.

If the purplish marks underside later turn to darkened pigment patches, count on a long time to get rid of them. Meanwhile, rest and let those areas clear and heal.

I think you are definately overdoing, even though you may feel you are not.



Are you taking aspirin or other blood thinning chemicals? I noticed I get more pin pricks after aspirin or serious amounts of booze. The dark spot/blotch will go away. Had a big one ugly, darkened skin if you looked closely. Gone after a year or less. Don’t pump so hard!

As to time pumping - I always go a minimum of 30 minutes to fill a 2” tube and finally expand my cock head. Don’t have a pressure gauge but I do not bruise myself. Gotta go.

Thanks for the post, fellows. Looks like some arnica and time off are in order. Bruising and pin pricks are not that bad, but I could see how they could get worse without a respite.

Good idea, Tally. Especially the bruising. It takes a whole long time for dark patches of discoloration to disappear. Watch your pressure range when you resume.



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