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I’ve been pumping for a few months and to my horror I had a large blister that i did’nt notice.After a week it went but left a large red mark on my head.When re-started my pumping routine the red mark gets more promenent so i tried jelqing and hanging and it’s the same.

Any advise please lads.

It will fade with time. It is red because there is just a thin layer of skin protecting that area right now. Once it fully heals and normal skin thickness has grown back, the red mark will be gone.

Let me guess, you were pumping at high pressure for a rather long time when you get the blister, and probably had packed the tube too?

How did you guess!!Thanks for the reply.Would it be ok to do a light session while it heals?

reduce pressure, and go slow. and hot wrap,, and lube well.

It also helps to rub Neosporin on it regularly. It helps healing.

You know what’s best about doing a light session while it heals? You will be reminded that a light session works just as well as a high power session, and it feels and looks better afterwards.

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