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Black and blue

Black and blue

I’ve just started the whole PE-thing a bit over a week ago with the Bathmate and so far the results have not been that good. Pretty much the only time that I had good results with using the BM was the first time. My penis was a good, natural colour (maybe even a bit red) and felt very thick and engorged even when flaccid and the results lasted for a long time. But after that every single time I’ve pumped (I do it once a day for 20 minutes) the results have been poor. My unit has had a very blueish tint to it when I remove the BM and sometimes, when I’ve pumped really hard, it has been almost black upon removal. The discolouration disappears fast but so do the gains from using the Bathmate. I mean, the penis is huge when I remove it from the unit but after only like 30-60 seconds it returns to normal, including it’s colour, and it’s not at all as full as it was after the first time I used the product.

Now the odd thing is that, reading from the measurements on the BM, the amount I’ve pumped has varied like this:

1st time: 175
185 (this is where my penis was almost black for a short while and my EQ was poor for a few hours)
Last time: 165

So after noticing that 185 was definitely bad and that increasing the pressure did not help increase the results, I’ve constantly been dropping the pressure while keeping the session time at 20 minutes but there’s still odd discolouration and no results even after reducing the pressure to less than it was the first time.

I guess that the next logical step is to decrease the time I use the Bathmate and see if that would help but this is still really annoying because I *did* get really good results the first time but I’ve failed pretty much every single time after that.Has anyone else experienced this?

You see, to be taking the express route to ruining your penis.

If you get discolouration such as you have experienced. then you are overdoing things big-time.

Frankly, You are lucky to have escaped a complete loss of erection and a very worrying hard flaccid penis.

You would do best to give things a rest for a week or two then read up what other users of Bath Mate do before pumping again.

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I have read a lot about the experiences of other users before I used the Bathmate for the first time. I’ve followed the instructions with pumping until no more water comes out, using warm water and warm-up and I haven’t done over 20minute sessions. And when I got the discolouration I started reducing the pressure and NOT pump “until no more water is coming out”. I’ve followed all instructions as best I could.

All I can suggest it that you drop the ‘pressure’ right down under 100 at least. as you are obviously using far too much force in your routine. I don’t know what your figures represent as I don’t have a bathmate.

But whateveer the figures represent, you are using far too much of it.

Your penis may be unduly sensitive. so I would suggest you take it very easy . At a very low figure and gradually work up the scale as you progress over a month or two.

Don't be a lurker left out in the cold. :lurk: Join the happy band of donors!

Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

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