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Best Reasonably-Priced Pump

Best Reasonably-Priced Pump

I’ve done a few searches but can’t really find an answer to this. I want to start pumping but I really don’t want to spend too much money (ie. Less than $50 Canadian if possible). Just wondering which pump is the best for a reasonable price? I’ve heard basic ones such as the fireman’s pump are great for immediate results, but are the results ever permanent? Are the results EVER permanent with pumping?? If not, how long does the ‘pump’ last before I shrink back to normal size?
I’m just a touch over 6” x 4.8” erect, but just over 3” flaccid and thin. Flaccid gains are my biggest concern. Any idea what sort of result I could expect after pumping if I start with these dimensions?


I know money is always a consideration, and I am not a pumper (yet), but I don’t think I’d scrimp here.

Think about it: You’re putting a prized part of your anatomy under vacuum pressure. You want an accurate gauge, good comfort (not “one size fits all”), etc…

If you can afford $50, in my opinion you might be better off saving for a little longer and getting a quality piece.

Well, yeah, that would make sense normally. However, I’ll only be in Canada for the next 6 months and don’t really want the potential embarrassment of it being found in an airport bag search! Hence, I’d like to get one that I can bin after 6 months.

For my opinion, all cylinders are alike, they form a tube around your penis and hold out atmospheric pressure. Also, all vacuum sources are alike, they suck out the air from the tube. Therefore, go cheap. I have described how to make a stealth cylinder on another thread (pump and cylinder in checked bag). Add a T-fitting from the pet store, a vacuum gauge from the auto supply store (or the mitypump, which comes with a gauge), you have a complete setup for under $30.

Thanks for the suggestion jetpig. Any other opinions out there? Anyone tried the ready-made ones? Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

Yet again—The best pump (Metal) is available from Harbor freight under brake bleeder pump is only $20 USA—Check out the web site. Same pump with guage Though please spend the bucks for a quality cylinder. You will only regret your ecomony of cheap ones. Steve

I went with a cylinder from and the harbor freight hand pump. I have not regretted anything about the purchase and would have no problems buying another one if something happened to it.

A little pricey, but well worth it.

I’ve tried the cheap, porno store cylinders: they’re crap and more crap. About ten years ago, I purchased a high quality acrylic cylinder that is far more durable and comfortable.

For an inexpensive alternative try the tried and true “aquarium gravel cleaner” cylinder.


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