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Best Pumps and websites to buy them.

I don’t mean to bad mouth Boston Pumps, but they are behind the curve. It is time they update their equipment.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Originally Posted by gprent
I don’t mean to bad mouth Boston Pumps, but they are behind the curve. It is time they update their equipment.

And their Spam reps by the looks of things.

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So far, I’ve found that LAPdist and PumpToys seem to offer high quality items. I’ve never seen PenisDepot before, but they have some interesting items. I’m curious - is their “aquavac” pump simply a plastic mityvac that comes with a liquid-catcher? They warn not to use the metal hand pump they offer (which looks like the standard harbor freight type pump) with water, but isn’t the real consideration to have the water-trap chamber? I don’t see that being sold separately, but I’d think that it shouldn’t be any trouble using the metal pump for water pumping as long as there’s a water-trap in between so that water doesn’t get into the pump. Is this correct? Also, PenisDepot seems to have an interesting “stretching cylinder” that seems to be both a combination of pumping and hanging/weights; I wonder how it would stack up to other extenders/hangers out there. There was also a website I saw a little while back that had really great extender/stretcher options for sale at reasonable prices, but I seem to have lost it. I know it is on this forum somewhere.

I’m considering buying the Vaculogic water trap from Pumptoys, but if anyone else has suggestions for something similar that would work well, please let me know.

I think I will just buy the MetalvacII as adviced by gprent

But how do I know how much the shipping will cost?

It asks straight for my credit card number without showing the shipping cost…

I ordered the MetalvacII

Hope I will like it!

Originally Posted by cosmoxl
Could this be good or too cheap?…ment-9x200.html

I just bought a couple of cylinders from LeLuv and they are as good if not better than my Kaplan cylinders. If I had known about them before I would have bought my entire set up from them. You can get a cylinder with the pump and gauge for well under 100 bucks and it is the metal higher quality pump, not the plastic crap but if you want to spend a bit less they do ofer the plastic pump and the set is still very nice for around 70 or 80 bucks.

This is a bit off the topic but it says something about LeLeuv. The wife and I purchased some adult toys and they were also much cheaper than the same things at other sites and the quality was exactly what I was hoping for. I got her a nice Pyrex toy and I think it was under 30 bucks if I remember correctly. May have been closer to 20 bucks. I have bought from their site 3 times now and I have not been disappointed one time.

Elliptical Cylinders

I have been using vacutech 2 X 9 elliptical cylinders for 6 months. They work great for me and fit my dick better than rounds ones. All my stuff from them have worked great. I like them for long pump sessions. Anyone else tried them?

I had good success with an LAPump eliptical. It also worked well as an intermediate step between a full 1/4” increase in round cylinder diameter.

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Originally Posted by gprent
I think this is a good deal with a quality pump and cylinder. Choose the MetalvacII with one straightwall cylinder for $125 and that price includes shipping.

Your cock doesn’t have a clue what the shape of the cylinder is until you begin to pack, so I don’t think those head expansion cylinders do much of anything except cost you more money.

Use our size chart to select your cylinder: Selecting Your Cylinder Size

Just want to say I recently bought one of these and used it for the first time yesterday, and I loved it! I had stopped pumping after messing with the bathmate a few times with horrible experience. I like this much better, and the pressure gauge is a must have!

Originally Posted by pumper90
I found a good blog on penis pumps they put up good routines too.

Hi there.

Do you have a link for the blog you mentioned?


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I pieced my pump system using a Handsome Up bulb pump (my initial “intro kit” for $10 eBay special, until the tube nipple broke), a MityVac brake bleed kit (AutoZone $40) and a 1.75”x12” LeLuv cylinder and male hose quick release attachment for $25 and $9, respectively. I use my system for water and air pumping. I don’t use the MityVac for water pumping in fear of damaging the gauge.

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How long are the pumps on penis depot? And should I get a tapered or straight cylinder?

The LA Pumps site has different lengths depending on your lengths, are their pumps better?

Thank you

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What is the difference between a tapered cylinder and a rimmed straightwall cylinder? Would you recommend the package that includes both?


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