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Best Overall Pump and Cylinder and why

that contour bostonpump cylinder looks pretty comfortable. My Pump is from NWpumpworks and I have had no complaints It feels solid and does the job. but I am also not to consistent about pumping- too messy. I like the dry forms of PE like hanging and clamping, but when I get a place of my own again I’ll throw the pumping back in.

IF you get the contour boston please let us all know how it works.

I absolutly love my Boston Pumpworks thick walled cylinders. I have the 1.75” and a 2” and as mentioned earlier they do have some weight that can be used to “hang” the tube. Very comfortable at the base due to the wall thickness. And the measuring in tape is really usefull, it’s kept me going on many a motivational sapping winters night.


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I use the Kaplan pump with 2” cylinder. Great pump for only $60. Bought it brand new in the retail box off Ebay for $64. Came with a cock ring and some lube and instructions. Been pumping for about a month now (been at PE over 2 1/2 years). Accurate guage and comfortable seal. Nice, easy hand operated pump. Kicks the shit out of all those “novelty” sex shop pumps that cost as much as twice what I paid for this one. If you are not rich, try the Kaplan pump. I hear good things about the LA pumps too, but they are too expensive. I am hoping to get some good gains pumping since I really hit a wall with my gains after my years of PE. Thought it was time for a drastic change in my routine to try to bust this plateau. Gained almost 3/4” girth and about 1 1/4” BPEL in my first 2 1/2 years. Need another 1/2” girth and 3/4” length. Slow gainer I guess! Just my 2 cents worth.. Take care guys!

Beretta92 has the best electric pump as far as I know. As far as cylinders go I like the heavier thick cylinders that most companies carry. I started off with a kaplan manual but never use it now that I have my electric.

Well I decided to go with the Vel Seal, it came today,, took it right out of the box, put it together and started to pump away,,, the silicon seal is so comfortable nice and soft.

Pumped up for about 10 minuted at 5 hg, packed the sides probably after 7 minutes tho. It’s a 1.75 tube and I’m about 4.8” around, should I be packing the tube this quickly?? I think I should have got the 2.0” tube.


You may be touching the sides, but that is still a long ways from packing. Fully packed is when you are touching 360 degrees around for the full length of your shaft, up to the head. I would imagine you will get at least a couple of months with that tube before you have to order a 2.0.

Is your tube a straight wall cylinder with constant diameter for the full length?

Yup it’s a straight walled cylinder. Thanks for the input Gprent.
I would definatly reccomend this tube to everyone it’s so comfortable, they use the best grade of lucrite acrylic, they don’t weld anything,, they use a special glue that the air force uses to fix the windshields on there jets. This is top notch and I don’t see it breaking at all. There cylinders are a bit more pricey then other places, but everything else on there website is cheap over at, you can get a plastic or a metal mity vac for half the cost of some pump dealers.

I have a question to the Mods here How come I can’t start posts in the pump forum? I can only post replys, it says that my account is not fully activated yet.

I just bought a pump with gauge and a 9 x 2 cylinder. I am currently 5.5” girth. I packed the base right away. It is a great pump. I would definitely recommend the gauge. I don’t think you could pump without it. I keep my vacuum at a safe 5 Hg

Start: 5/31/2004 EBP: 5.75 EG: 4.5 ENBP: 5.25 FL: 4 Using Penimaster and Jelq. 12/12/2004 EBP: 6 EG: 5.5 Midshaft; 6 Base ENBP: 5.5 Now using Penimaster, Jelq and pumping. 7/16/2006 Now adding vacu-hanger and removing penimaster. Goal: EBP: 7.25 ENBP: 6.75


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Ok thanks gprent

How do you calculate the size that you need? I don’t have a clue where to start, where to buy them, which one is best or anything, could do some with some help guys

Hi matey,

Thanks, I’ve got the link now bookmarked. Sorry.I should have said, my rather modest offering is 4.5”L and 4.5”W when soft and after the gym and after a quick tug, it’ll get to 7”L x 5.5”W. That I would say is it’s average offering but when really horny can get a bit fatter or longer but not much.

What do you reckon then?

I see you’ve made amazing gains!

How does it work if you want to pump your cock and balls??


I use a homemade 9x1.75 tube and mityvac and get a good seal, however you are on the right track getting a proper sized tube! Get a great seal and great feel.


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