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Best method for Homedics wrap?

Best method for Homedics wrap?

Hey guys!

I bought the wrist strap as recommended. It’s very comfy, but I seem to have a little bit of a problem adjusting it for wear.

When I wrap around the balls and shaft, inevitably blood makes it’s way back and I’ve left with an “accordioned” dick poking out from under the strap.

I’ve tried wrapping just the cock as well with similiar results.

Am I simply not wrapping tight enough? Or is there a trick to this?

I am very impressed with the comfort, one could easily wear it all day with only the gawking bystander to remind you. That said, I’m really pushing for some flacid size increase as I’m the ultimate grower.

Any help would be appreciated.


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.


It’s not an overnight thing. Since it’s comfortable stay with it a month, or four.

And, no. It won’t keep you at 60 % erect all day, either.

But it does hold some engorgement longer than if you didn’t use it or some other cock/ball strap. And there is a certain sensual element, too, to having it on. You get a “stir” at some point during the time you have it on? that stir will last somewhat longer on you.

The point of using it is to have some constriction but not to the point of interferring with blood flow both in and out of the penis and the testicles. Frankly, because of the way the device is made and the way you apply it, it seems really difficult to make the wrap too tight. But as peforeal has said, you can go for a bulge, or an “obscene bulge,” depending on how tightly you wrap.

A couple tips: As soon as you finish your PE workout, put the wrap on. You can be completely erect at that point, or just sort of pumped-up. Wear it for a couple of hours. At the least, you’ll stay a bit more turgid and heal some of your micro-tears in a somewhat larger state than completely flaccid.

I wake up with morning wood almost always. I’ve got into the habit of “catching” those erections as soon as I get out of bed by putting on the wrist band then. I do my PE routine an hour or so later in the morning, take it off for that, and put the band back on after I finish with PE. I’ve got so used to it that I’ve gone for as long as eight hours with it on, pretty much forgetting that it’s there. But I’m self-employed and work at home. If I still had to go to an office regularly, I’m sure I’d be a lot more self-conscious about using it. With it, you do have a noticeable bulge, no matter what kind of pants you have on.

As I’ve already said, I can’t account in any other way for my own flaccid growth spurt. I had already gained most of my erect size when I started this practice. It just seems to have done the trick to get my flaccid size to catch up with all that erect gain.



Thanks A8,

I’ve been playing with it some more (the strap that is :) and I like it. When I first got it I thought that it was going to keep my cock at half erection all day.

Nope, doesn’t work that way. And those devices that do…probably are none too healthy. I should know, I’ve experimented a lot with the tourniquets as of late, and the pressure that will maintain an erection…will leave your cock blue if left on for too long.

The Homedics strap provides just a little restriction that on average will trap blood a little longer. I like it, and I’ll be damned if I don’t seem to be hanging a little fuller these days.

Highly recommended.


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.


I’m glad you’ve been able to experiment a bit more with the level of tightness that you wrap. I think it’s pretty difficult to wrap your cock/balls too tightly with the strap. You were probably wrapping a bit too loosely at first, and that’s why you were experiencing less engorgement, resulting in the “accordioned” dick effect you describe.

Avocet8’s description, comments and suggestions are excellent. I don’t have too much more to add to that.

I also like to wrap just the base of my dick only to maximize prolonged engorgement on my dick. To do this one effectively takes a bit more trial and error than wrapping around my cock/balls. When I do, I start by grabbing the head of my dick with my right hand and stretching it outward. Then I do an ok grip at the base with my left hand using my thumb and forefinger. Then I put one end of the Homedic velcro strap at the base of my shaft, anchoring the end with my left hand. Then I just try to pull the strap around my dick, aiming for sufficient tightness. It’s a little hard to describe this perfectly, but I think my comments will give you some sense of what I do.

Depending on how tightly I wrap, I can comfortably leave this on for anywhere from a half hour to many hours. When I wrap my dick only, the engorgement can be much more pronounced, resulting in an erection state varying between 60% - 80%. So, using this technique, I suggest unwrapping more frequently, doing a few dryjelqs in between for circulation and then rewrapping again.

I use this technique often, Particularly,I do this whenever I go to the gym to workout, mostly because my dick has a tendency to shrink slightly when I exercise intensely. This dick wrapping technique keeps me engorged and extended enough to counteract any kind of “exercise-induced” shrinkage I might experience. Also, as a nice side effect, the bulge under my loose gym shorts attracts its share of crotch-watching. Also, when I’m done at the gym and take my shower, my flaccid hang is still loose and long the way I like it. I hope this helps. Later…


It certainly does, thanks PF!

So we have a little triad of Homedic strappers here, that’s cool. I’ve recently abandoned my Penimaster (didn’t like the loss of circulation, and discoloration marks started appearing) and I’ve begun a fairly classic routine of jelqing and stretching, as per DLD’s fine instructions.

Things look good!

I’d really like to incorporate some pumping, but a number of absurd obsticles are getting in the way.

I’m working on it…

Thanks guys!

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Just ordered mine as flaccid length is what I want more than erect (although a combination of both would be perfect).

Avocet8 recommends placing it immediately after PE. Does this mean abandoning the post PE warm wrap? I hope so as that’s the bit I’d love to skip (and I’m sure that’s the most likely time I’ll get caught!).


I’ve never warm wrapped post PE and have made excellent gains. Go ahead and just use the Homedic strap. It’s easy to put on and off and basically undetectable, except for the bulge you might create under form fitting pants.


I confess that I abandoned the final warm wrap over a year ago.



peforeal / avocet

Thanks guys - good to know I can skip the wrap. I’m still waiting for the strap (had to order it from the UK as I couldn’t find them in Holland). I must admit that I’m looking forward to wearing it and plan to do shaft wraps at weekends when I can check my dick easily every 20-30 minutes. Not sure I’d feel confident enough to wear it at the gym though (I get very bad shrinkage too).

During the week I plan cock/ball at work and ball stretches during the evening (I also want to get my nuts to hang lower).

I’ll let you know how I get on.

If this works for you, some months from now you won’t have to worry about shrinkage at the gym. Even accordionned up, you’ll still have a thicker, meatier flaccid than you did.

You may find, as we have, that your nuts will hang lower just from using your wrist wrap regularly (say that three times very fast). Maybe no need for specific sac stretch workouts. The wrist wrap is going to pull your entire package out by at least an inch and a half.



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