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beginner question

beginner question

my current size is 6.5X4.5

I recieved my Vacutech system 2X9 and a 1 3/4X10 length master.

I pump for about 10-15 min 2-4 sets using 4-5.5 of pressure. I can only reach 7 inches in the tube, and this only after repeatedly lowering the preasure to about 3 and flex my pc muscle then raising the the pressure back to around 4-5.

Considering my starting size, should I pump longer time ,or more sets, or get a smaller tube that fits me better. maybe a 1 1/2 X 10 length master tube.

Any advice is greatly appreciated,


Working for length in the tube takes time, more than girth. I think you should only work with your 1 3/4” tube for now combined with a good jelqing and stretching routine. As time goes on, probably not as long as you think, you will start to pack the tube. Eventually, you will pack all the way up your shaft including the glans. It is at this point you will start to notice more of a length stretch in the tube. This is because your girth won’t expand anymore against the wall of the tube so the only way your penis can go is longer. As you build more girth through manual exercise and packing the smaller tube, you can use the 2” tube to help cement these gains. When you pack the 2” tube and you feel you can’t get any longer in the smaller tube stick with the 2” tube. Your girth will probably continue to increase and you will still be able to max out your length as well. Good luck and good gains.


This vendor has sold many cylinders…

This is their sizing chart

Penis Outside Measurement (Circumference) Cylinder Order Size (tube inside diameter)
4 3/4 1 1/2
5 1/2” 1 3/4”

Your current girth is below the standard cylinder. You might wish to consider calling/emailing them….they are very user friendly….I’ve done both

To save S & H you may wish to consider ordering two cylinders. As you already have a 1 3/4, you might wish to add a 2” to your collection.

Unless your girth expands rapidly, I think it will possibly be awhile until you’ll want to ramp up to a 2”.

Good luck,

OR eon

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