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Before Or After

Before Or After

I’ve got this pump. It goes by the name “Handsome Up”. Just some regular pump I bought from Adam & Eve. It has no gauge, just a bulb with a release valve. Anyone ever use this or hear of it?

Instead of going by pressure, can you go by feel? I never pump up enough to feel any pain, but can any damage be done without feeling the damage?

I’ll pump up until it’s at a comfortable, yet “snug” pressure…then hang out for a few minutes, release the pressure and do it again. Is this okay?

Now here’s the real question… should I pump before or after a jelq session? I was thinking more along the lines of doing it afterwards…makes more sense to me.

One more thing, should I get totally erect before entering the tube? Or should I be semi, or completely flaccid?

This thing just sits in my closet. I’m figuring if I got it, why not use it, right?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You can do it by feel. General rule: if it doesn’t hurt in any way, you’re probably okay. Good idea to check though when you leave the tube for any red dots.

Going into the cylinder completely hard does cut down, or even eliminate fluid buildup.

I like to jelk then pump, jelk again then pump. My period of best gains occured while I was doing 4 sessions/day of this, about 400 jelks. Short pump sessions at low pressure, just enough to feel some length and girth expansion in the tube.

What you’re doing sounds good - pump, then release repeatedly. Each time you release the pressure or leave the tube, you are allowing the introduction of newly-oxygenated blood. This promotes tissue growth.

Good to see you back, prickle.



Glad to be back. I’ll be experimenting with the jelq/pump combo for a while to see if it has some synergistic effect. If I’ve got a pump layin’ around, I might as well use it.

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