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Battery Operated Pump For Sale

Battery Operated Pump For Sale

I ended up getting two new pumps for Christmas. I only need one, so I’m selling the other unused, battery-operated pump with an 8” chamber. The retail value for this product is between $90-100. If anyone is interested in this quality pump, I’ll sell it to you for $50 and donate half of that to Thunder’s Place (maybe Thunder will put a Forum Donator under your name). If anyone’s interested, I can upload photographs, etc.

Moderators: if this is against any rules, feel free to delete my post and PM me details.


A little more info may be helpful .. Brand, model, etc.

I’ll take it….im assuming it comes with general instructions? I just dont know what kind your selling but some details, pics, whatever would be great. Let me know what kind of payment you would prefer…

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

I’m also very interested in said pump.that is, of course, if watch out decided not to snag it up.

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