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Was wondering if anyone has experience with this? They just showed it on Tosh.0 and was wondering if it’s actually functional. If you didn’t see the sketch he did about it, it’s quite funny.


I’ve been using it got about 2 months and have defenatly noticed harder erections and an increase in girth for sure. So far about 2cm increase. I’m doing jelqs and stretching along with my bm. I’ve done alot of switching around on my routine, I can give details if you want but it has defenatly been a lot of fun to use and have enjoyed the benefits so far.

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If you do a search on this board for Bathmate, you’ll find a lot of info on it. There are quite a few here using it including myself.

I personally recommend it. It’s a great tool for warming up. I don’t think you’ll see a lot of permanent gains without other forms of PE also, but it’s still a good complement to other PE.

I got a question about this device’s usage. It says fill the bathtub with water as if that’s the only way to use it. Can’t you pour water from top and not go into shower or fill a tub or do anything of that kind ? I’m thinking of buying it but this entire bathtub and shower bit seems unpractical. Either I’ll buy BM or magnum. I can’t open up a thread so I’m using this thread to ask my question. Thanks.

wryyy: You don’t need a tub, it works just as well filling it from the top. However, water splashes around a bit when creating a better vacuum and when taking it off, so some kind of washroom is the best place to use it imho.

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Slow gainer :/

Thanks for the fast response Vaeltaya.

I usually use mine in the shower or the tub. When my pubes are freshly trimmed I even use it in the living room.

I put down a towel and use a large mixing bowl to pump the water into.

When the pubes are longer it’s hard to get a good seal without being in the bath tub.

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I’ve been using mine for about a month now. I am using it a long with other forms of PE such as jelqs, stretches, kegels and bends. I am starting to see huge improvements now. The girth difference on a regular basis and my erections are a lot firmer. The girth when I am done my workout is actually quite scary. It looks like someone else’s dick its so fat so I am definitely happy. I definitely recommend the using it, especially with other forms of PE.

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