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Bathmate VS Water pumping in regular cylinder?

Bathmate VS Water pumping in regular cylinder?

Hello all,

I expect to start water pumping and making it my main PE exercise in 2014.

I already own an air pump and have done a lot of water pumping with the cylinder and the hose and I really like water pumping.

My question is if there’s any benefit with the Bathmate over the type of set-up I’m using?

I’m kind of strapped of cash at the moment, so I would need a good reason to invest in one. Just curious what those of you who have experience with both have to say.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve not tried a bathmate, but I can see no way that it could do anything a normal cylinder used for water pumping couldn’t.

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Same here don’t waste your money.

Actually I think regular cylinders are often better built than the Bathmate. And the pressure can be raised at the rate you like more; bathmate seems to give ‘burst’ of pressure raising that could not be fit for everyone.

I’ve used the Bathmate and I find it working very well. Since you already have a set up there’s only the question of comfort left. If it’s comfortable enough to use for the vacuum and time needed you really have no need for another device that just does the same thing.

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If your only PE opportunity is a private 20 minute shower most mornings, the Bathmate is a godsend. Otherwise, you’re better off with a traditional pump.

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I’ve never tried a regular air pump, but I do have a Bathmate. One thing I don’t like about it is there is really no way to modulate the vacuum pressure. It really seems like it’s all or nothing. And since there’s no guage, I don’t even know exactly what “all” amounts to.

Great! Seems like I can save myself that money after all. :)

There was a guy in another thread who said the Bathmate was better and more comfortable, but consensus here seems to be different.

C.C. Deville,

That’s weird. And not very nice IMO. With the set-up I’m using, you can of course regulate the pressure yourself, but using just a hose you don’t have an exact read on the pressure. I know some people have a set-up with a gauge for waterpumping.

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