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Bathmate Users -- how do you manage pressure?

robbie2073, you have posted this same post in three threads here. Please do not do that again.

Your comment is off-topic for the thread on how you manage pressure with the Bathmate.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Yeah, I’m interested in getting one as well.

Recently rediscovered PE and thinking that by the time I’m able to use it due to roommates and whatnot I’ll be done with n0ob routine (4 more months then I think I’m ready to start with it.)

I’m more interested in how it would work if OTHER non compressible/expandable fluids would be introduced..

Sparkyx really did bring up a couple of interesting theories about the surface pressure and whatnot, but it may or may not be a better idea to leave that a theory than actually put it into practice.. For now at least.

I used Bathmate now for about 2 months and I have gained about 1 cm girth. I haven’t gained any or very minimal length from using it.

I did normal PE for 4 months and gained 2,5 cm length very fast, in maybe 1-2 month. But then nothing, I was happy with my length and started to do girth only but gained nothing. So I bought a bathmate and have used it once every day since and started gaining girth almost directly.

Since I got it I almost don’t do any normal PE, only some jelqing after pumping for about 5 minutes sometimes.

I am now almost 18 cm length and sometimes my wife complain it hurts so I don’t want more length.
Girth is 13.5 cm mid and 14 cm base.

Anybody have anything more to add to this discussion? I personally find 20 minutes at maximum vacuum to be fine.

That’s my first post here, since I have bought the bathmate recently.
Once time I saw a video comparing bathmate with another cheaper water pump and they do some pressure tests on that video.
I remember the pressure of bathmate don’t passed of one point of pressure, so I think that bathmate is designed to a certain max pressure that can not be exceeded and that is the part of manual that says “But you will always reach a point where you cannot get any more pump.”.
I think that it’s not how to control pressure, but there’s a max pressure that can’t be exceeded for secure reasons.
If someone knows the name of this “cheaper water pump” or even find that video please post here!

I hope that it can helped you.

So long as you are aware of any pain in your penis, and don’t ignore it, you should have no problem. You can only pump so much water out of the Bathmate. No manufacturer is going to put out a product that will destroy the dicks of anyone who uses it. A little common sense, and you’ll be fine. I think it took me about two weeks of every other day pumping, and gradually pumping at higher vacuum for increasingly longer times and I was doing max vacuum sessions of 20 minute durations. A little caution, a bit of common sense, you’ll be fine.

My Bathmate still impresses me, as you can’t over pump.

I just received my Bathmate last Tuesday. I’ve used it four times now, trying to follow the instructions that were listed with the product when I got it.

I found that I have to get at least 60-70% erect before entering the tube or my penis tends to stick to a side and then swell unevenly. I’ve never pumped before the Bathmate, and I definitely can’t pump it to max pressure, at least not yet. Right now I’m going for between 10-15 minutes while I’m in the shower in the morning (they sell an overpriced IMHO strap with a ring on the end that makes it WAY more comfortable when standing in the shower). I give it an extra pump every couple minutes, if it feels like too much you can release really tiny amounts of pressure by pushing the valve with your finger gently. I noticed a couple tiny red dots after the first day, so I dialed back the pressure a bit going forward and so far I’m really liking it a lot.

The only concern I did have was some strange bumps (could be donuting that I am always reading about but am not too sure how to identify). Basically after removing myself from the Bathmate I’ll have a small (half pea sized) lump directly behind the top of my head and on the left side a ridge that runs parallel to my head about 1/4” back. Neither include any discoloration and I stretch and massage my unit vigorously for a few minutes after a session and they seem to go down.

Other than that I don’t know about real gains, but I am already hanging larger all day (it’s pretty exciting when I flop it out in the middle of the day to pee) which it awesome because I was always been a no flaccid hang kind of guy.

Other than the Bathmate I am doing very light stretching (15-20mins 4 days a week) and post BM jelqing (5mins or so, just to get the blood flowing again). I’ll keep everyone posted on what else I notice if anyone’s interested.

Cross your fingers for me, I’m feeling more confident already, I’m hoping that one day I might be able to share some actual gains with someone special!


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Started on: May 16, 2006 @ BPEL: 5.625 EG: 4.875 ||| Last measurment: Jan 1, 2014 @ BPEL: 6.5 EG: 5.25

I just ordered a Bathmate Goliath!
I like the idea that you don’t have to spend so much time using it when compared to air pumping.

Last year I spent 100s of hours pumping with minimal results although I can’t say it was a waste of effort, any gains are good!
I stopped pumping after about 7 consitent months due to discolouration and then started manual stretching for a while, then added jelqing with a jelq device, I discovered that I could gain just as quickly, if not quicker but with less time and effort (15 mins stretching + 20 mins jelqing instead of 1 hour + in the vacuum pump).

Doing PE while showering in the morning sounds like a good idea and using the bathmate in the bath seems efficient since the warm up is much quicker and more complete.

I have one question to other Bathmate users, do you do other forms of PE exersices in conjunction with Bathmate pumping?

I was thinking of continuing manual stretches and jelqing since they work in different ways than the overall expansion created in a vacuum.

I’ve come to realize, the BM is a recreational toy. It’s pleasurable. Makes the hang and girth look good for awhile. I use it to pass the time while soaking in the Jacuzzi. But I wouldn’t rely on it as a PE tool. Manual PE is one of Marinera’s main emphasis. And he is right. Continue that as your primary. Hang or extend when you hit the wall in gains. ‘Bout all I can say.

1st time with my Bathmate Goliath

It arrived yesterday but I didn’t try it until this evening.

Opening the box, I was impressed by the build quality, a shower strap was included and the instructions were eay to follow. The carrying case is great although I wish that it didn’t have Bathmate printed on it.

I stretched and jelqed earlier in the evening: 10 mins of manual stretches and after a warm up, 20 minutes of jelqing

The bath was probably a bit too cool, only 2°C above my body temperature, I can stand 4.5°C above (42°C) I’ll try that next time

I followed the instructions, filled the Bathmate with bathwater, made sure my balls were out the way and stuck my flaccid dick into it, pumped about 7 times and was pleased to see that there was no ball suck, however pumping requires a lot of effort. I was surprised to find that at full vaccum, the tip of my glans only reached 170mm on the bathmate’s ruler, with some brief periods at 180 max. ( 30mm shorter than my 8” BPEL). This means that I didn’t need to buy the Goliath version because there is space to grow over 3 more inches in length.
Compared to my air vacuum pump, the Bathmate’s vacuum pressure felt like it reached 4Hg. There was a nice stretch pain feeling when I pumped to the max.

I was worried about causing too much stress on my burst blood vessel injury so I kept it on for approximately 5 minutes before removing it and checking. I like the idea that they recommend pumping with a flaccid, maybe it’s safer that way. I didn’t take a clock into the bathroom but I estimate that I kept it on for around 15 minutes in total.

One thing that I enjoyed was the magnifying effect you get with a water filled tube, my cock looked like a monster!

Next experiment will be using it in the shower with the neck strap.


I used the Bathmate for a second time today.
Again, I stretched for 10 minutes and jelqed for 2 x10 minutes before I ran my bath.
The water temperature was at a hot but comfortable 42.5°C
I only put the Bathmate on once this time and kept pumping once or twice every minute. I was flaccid when I entered and again reached 170 on the bathmate ruler most of the time but that increased to 180 after 10 minutes.
I could really feel an all over stretch pain and it was very intense, I was relieved when the 15 minutes was up.
My shaft was still flaccid but plumper after I removed the bathmate.
I’m wondering whether to do a workout every other day, so tomorrow, I’ll repeat that routine and see how my EQ reacts from 2 days on and a day off.

I can see why people like the Bathmate, it’s the easiest kind of PE I’ve tried and time efficient too.

Originally Posted by dongalong
I used the Bathmate for a second time today…
I could really feel an all over stretch pain and it was very intense…

This little warning sign indicates it might be best to skip a day. Micro damage can become visible injury if pushed.


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