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Bathmate Users -- how do you manage pressure?

Yeah, it was the clippers that did it. I’m going to have to run some cold water over the boys or something next time, I was pulling up on my shaft and nicked one of the folds of my sack that was hanging down.

The amount of blood was a little unsettling to say the least.

I’d say running with scissors while trimming your pubes is really not recommended. LOL

I had no problem getting a seal w/o trimming or anything. In fact, in my second session I think I over did it with the pressure. It didn’t feel bad at all, but I had a lot of fluid build up. It went away, but I think I got a little bruising. I pushed the limit cause I heard people saying you can’t really get too much pressure with water pumping. I learned the hard way that is not the case lol. O well, heal up and take it easier next time.

I decided to break out the water AGAIN. This time I used air vacuum to see what levels of vacuum would take me to what mark. I found that the mark I usually take it AT A MINIMUM, required air vacuum levels of something like 8 in hg….ooops! I had been taking even further than that!

So, now I know how to roughly calibrate the vacuum levels, I will give it a go again because I really think it has advantages over air.

By the way chazster, the device tends to limit the amount of vacuum it will produce, but that can easily be too much for many guys. ANY time you PE, especially with a new method, be careful until you get a feel for it.

I again must say that I really enjoy my bathmate and that I think it has really good potential. Last few days I have been staying in other peoples house and I “stealth use” it every time I take a shower since I don’t feel like taking long baths in other peoples houses. It can be used just as easy in the shower.

Can’t wait for the “Goliath” version since I seem to start packing around the base. Been getting markings around the base of my unit from the “rubber thing”. Started to use Vaseline around the base and about 3- 4 inches up. It seems to make operation easier.

I think sparkyx post above is a really interesting point. And I would love to know how much weight or pulling force in pounds or kilos the max vacuum is when you pump your bathmate until no more water escapes from the valve..

Have a bath mate and thought it was great,until one day when I overdid it and got all bruised up.Recouped for a week and then started again, but now I get bruising even at low pressure and only 10 mins sessions.Can anybody help?

Knock Knock knocking on the 8 inch door

Go without for longer time than one week?

regards, mgus

Taped onto the dashboard of a car at a junkyard, I once found the following: "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." The car was crashed.

Primary goal: To have an EQ above average (i.e. streetsmart, compassionate about life and happy) Secondary goal: to make an anagram of my signature denoting how I feel about my gains

Sorry to hear that powerlifter. Could someone please recommend what is a “safe” amount of pressure with the bathmate? I know there is no gauge, so how can I be sure that I am not overdoing it? Thanks.

You have to go by length and EQ. Start with a low vacuum and measure your “length in tube”, it should be easy it is calibrated on the tube. A good place to start is slightly less than your bpel, about 1/4 inch less.

After a few days at that length, you will notice whether you EQ is staying good, getting better or actually starting to drop. If it is good, then you can try going a 1/4 longer in length and see how that does for a week. If it is going down, drop your length by 1/4”.

Keep this process up until you find the longest length you can tolerate and keep good to great EQ.

Once you have that down, that is your baseline. Now, what you will try and do is increase that length by some small amount every week, like maybe 1/16th of an inch. If you get it right you should be able to make a small increase each week or two and EQ never crashes.

With time this should translate into gains. I think the biggest mistake is to try and rush this and keep crashing EQ. For most pumpers, slow and steady wins the race.

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One thing I’d like to note here…I’ve YET to hear from anyone at Thunders that has actually HAD ANY GAINS from Bathmate!

I’ve made my own version, and I love water pumping, and lots of guys say how great it is at first, but has ANYONE here seen gains from it?

This is not a cheap device, so I would recommend not sinking any money in it until we have some guys come back and say they have gotten some gains out of it.

Ok, since posting I have read a few other guys who have had gains with Bathmate. Further, I made some changes in my approach and starting gaining length again in flaccid stretched length.

I found that my ideal pressure was to take my LUV (length under vacuum) to about 1/8th inch LESS than my bpel. This makes sense because under vacuum, your girth is wider, which tends to shorten length while under vacuum. You don’t notice it, because length is also being stretched. However, it is putting a lot of stress on your dick to expand both length and girth at once, and if I over do it, I don’t get gains.

So, about 1/8th inch less than bpel is about perfect for me (your results may vary :) ). This is a good starting point. Make a mark on the tube (red nail polish is best, make it a thin line for accuracy), and each week move your penis about 1/8 inch longer. This seems to allow the penis to adapt nicely and not be so stressed that is reacts negatively.

Next, don’t let your set time go so high that you get edema. If you are getting edema, drop set time until you don’t get it. THEN, determine how many sets is optimum by seeing what happens to your EQ that day and nite. If you get this right, you should see EQ improve, ideally be very good.

Next, see if you do better going daily, or one on and one off or more. This will be determined by EQ and measuring your bpfsl (bone pressed flaccid stretched length). You might get a slight shortening at first, be very accurate, because it might just be about 1/16th or 1/8th of an inch. If it shortens, wait until you return to your max length before you hit it again.

Finally, try doing the routine for 14 days, then take 3- 7 days off.

This has kicked started my length gains again for the first time in almost a year, see if it works for you. It APPEARS that I have gained about between 1/8 th- 1/4 inch in a couple weeks. Whether this is real gains or not, I will have to let you know in a few weeks, but based on my past experience it probably is a real 1/8th inch.

Give it a try if you are struggling with your Bathmate and report what happens for you.

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HI everybody I’m also interested in any gain with bathmate but,I’d like to know if anybody Kagel during idropumping session.I’m doing it and I feel my penis very exspanded.

Just wanted to bump this thread, as I just recently got one and have been pleased with it. This is only my first week, but I have been a pump user (off and on) for nearly 20 years). If used properly, I don’t seem to get the donut, or the blisters that are common with a traditional pump. I DO think that if you were to “max-out” with the pressure and then attempt to wear it 30+ minutes (or even longer) then yes, you would get discoloration, fluid buildup, and possibly the dreaded water blister. But it would be the exception rather than the norm…

There are some great posts here, and I really like the idea of short intervals (2+ per day) with lower-than-max pressure. You could then combine with some jelqs, ADS, or some hanging, again short sessions (sort of like circuit training for your penis).

For those still using the Bathmate, the larger “Goliath” model, is supposed to be available sometime in the next couple months, according to other forums that I have been reading.

Hopefully this thread starts growing again, and some of the earlier Bathmate users can share their experiences with the product.

After some research on here I bought one a few weeks ago. Due to my travelling around recently I haven’t yet found a good solid routine with it (keep forgetting to take it with me!) but I would echo the comments here- it seems fairly idiot-proof (hard to cause damaging levels of pressure) and is very comfortable to wear.

I will need to get into a routine with it and once I do I am going to monitor progress.

I just bought bathmate pump 4 days ago I lost 90 euro.Ok I have to say the device is well built and it works well but I don’t need and nobody here need it does not give you any benefit.If you do hard several times maybe your penis can grow cause it will chronically inflamed and then inflated
But this system when the inflamation go away your size wil return as before you started pumping and you have to pray to not having corpora cavernosas problems caused from severals to harder pumping session.On the other side if you do softly as I did these last days you will not notify any benefit the only thing I realized is that my penis become stressed not reactive for erections since I started I nototify worst and less erection this means is not healthy for the penis don’t care of enlargement..

After this I have to make a clarification:

There are no scientifical prove saying vacuum is good to treat erectile difuntion as a therapy.The only way was used this kind of vacuum devices
Was to obtain an artificial erection that has to be mantain with the help of a constriction ring for having a sexual intercourse.Nobody in the urology-andrology world said this device can promote better spontaneus erection if you use frequently and even better permanent penis enlargement(just a momentaneus if you pump to much with all the risks involved.)

So my bathmate is going to be trought out of the windows and I’ll think I’ll consoult a serious doctor to take care of my penis instead of beliving bullshits as website like bathmate promotote.They are not medical device as they try to claim they just produce bullshit for pornoshop.
The only device is medical approved is the extender and it can just elongate your penis not girth gains are described in the studies.
But the most important thing if you want to try this device.I don’t think I will ever do because I don’t need lenght gain is to follow exactly the doctor advice on how to use it.Cause if you do your self could be very dangerous risking serious damage untill partial or complete erectile disfuntion.
I hope this thread will help some of you.


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