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Bathmate Success

Bathmate Success

I just started the newbie routine a little over 10 days ago and was instructed to stick to that for several months. I couldn’t restrain myself and used my bathmate for a fairly long session today. I first used it for about 5 minutes which I have done a couple times before, but nothing really happens. I get a little bit of a pump and hang a little thicker and longer for about 15 minutes and that’s it. Today after my initial 5 minutes I put it back on for about 10-15 minutes and WOW.

My typical EG is exactly 4 inch. After this Bathmate session I looked massive (compared to my usual) and measure for a EG of 4 5/8! Over half an inch gain! It stayed like that for almost 2 hours. Although this was only a temporary gain it made me ‘see the light’. I’ve never seen my penis so big before. Felt pretty amazing and gave me a lot of motivation to achieve that permanently. I couldn’t imagine walking around with that as my usual.

On the downside I think I may have been over training the past few days. My ligs on top at the base feel kinda sore through out the day and my “inner penis” at the base is a little sore as well. I’ll probably dial it back or take a few day break to recover.

Congrats on your success. What website did you order from? I keep hearing about counterfeit models being sold all over the place.

I bought mine from an affiliate link through I don’t believe mine is fake as I’ve contacted the company and received a replacement valve from them already. Great customer service.

I have on the way , CAN’T WAIT !!!!!! , I have been doing PE for 5 months so I feel ready for pumping , I’m fine with my length,,I have gain .25” , my girth hasn’t changed too much, there is a noticeable increase, but I want MORE.

Hi Albinocavedweller, how is your routine with the bathmate?

Starting nov 2008: BPEL 15.5cm - EG 14 cm

Today: BPEL 18 cm - EG 15 cm

Goal: BPEL 20 cm - EG 16 cm

I have been seeing nice results (about 1/4” bpl, and 1/4” EG gain over the past 3 months) using Bathmate once or twice a day, and wrapping with a divosuit during the day to help stay extended. I am going to continue this for a while.


I don’t actually have a bath mate routine. I’ve been trying to stick to the newbie routine and had only used the bath mate on a few random occasions for the around 5 mins each without any real results. Only a minor pump that quickly faded. This was the first time I stayed in for this long and with the results its going to be hard to not try it again lol

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