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Bathmate stretches


Bathmate stretches

Soo, it was recently brought to my attention that there is no Bathmate stretching thread here at Thunder’s place. Well, let me change that. If you’ve got a Bathmate pump, not only can you pump it up and passively chill while your dick expands, but you can use the tube to give your ligs an absolutely insane amount of stretching. These stretches are incredibly intense, and caution should be exercised.
It’s a pretty basic deal. Once you’ve pumped up and you’re sure you’ve got a good seal, you just grab the Bathmate tube and pull outward for thirty seconds. Then up, then left, then right, and finally down. You will feel this pulling on the ligaments in the base of your penis like nothing else you’ve ever done. I find that I get the biggest stretch when I squat in the tub, place two fingers on top of the widest part of the bellows, and stretch outward and down. Doing this for two cycles, of thirty seconds for each direction, will usually get me an extra five millimeters. Now, obviously not five millimeters every time I stretch, but if I’ve pumped up to say, 180, I can do these stretches for five minutes and then pump to 185.
I guess I just wanna re-iterate that these stretches are intense, and you should use caution. I was doing them for a few months without incident, other than a bit of very short lived donut effect, and then came up with a lymph vessel that was clogged. Currently sitting on the sidelines for a few weeks.
Here’s a video that demonstrates the technique. There’s a little bit of a trick to it, in that you need to hold down the base in the opposite direction from the direction you’re going to pull in.

You’ll have to eliminate the space right after the http: to make this link work, it had some pornographic gif’s in the space to the right of the video.

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I have reached around 180, could it be this Stretch .?

I have been using the BM Hercules since the 21st of June. When I first started with it I was around the 160 mark, it did not take me long to get up to 170, then to 172 - 175, at 175 things came to a stop. No matter how much I pressed down on the tube the gator would not budge any more, it was fully compressed.!

I could still feel the pressure [ No hurting ] but I thought if I could just pump some more water out, then I would be at my maximum for say the last few minutes coming up to the 20 minutes.. It did not happen.!

Anyway, today in my session I was at 175 again, the gator was not giving me no more, I was sat there in the bath and decided to lean forward and put some more water in the bath, when I leaned forward I felt this big big stretch.! I could feel it from the ass and right up through to the tip of the Penis, I did a count of ” one one thousand, two one thousand ” until I reached 30, I looked at my penis in the Hercules and it was down just under 170.

After the count to 30, I laid back again and the penis was at 175 again, I pushed down on the Hercules and some more water managed to come out of the top, my penis went straight up to around 177 - 178.! I thought OMG.! I gave it 2 minutes then did another set, after doing it for 3 sets, and managing to get more water out, I was at 180, maybe a tiny bit under.

I don’t know if this stretch has been done before, I have not seen it on this or any forum.

For you guys that mite not understand my

If you sit naked on a high chair [ office chair or anything ] if you lean back in the chair you will notice that your penis will be at it’s longest, now if you slowly sit up in to the position where your back is straight, you will notice that the penis will shrink like crazy and go in to the body, the more you lean forward the more it will vanish in to the body.

So when in the BM at full suction, in the leaned over position the penis does not get chance to to dive back in to the body.. !!

If you have not tried this type of stretch, you need to try it.

There has always been some discussion as to whether stretching with a “regular” vacuum tube can really stretch the ligs as the tube is only connected to your fat pad skin.

One thing you feel for sure is a pressure increase as you pull on the tube, but it is doubtful if you are really putting any additional focus on your ligs, other than the pressure increase.

Well done quality video though.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

That burn, or stretch is not in the fat pad. You can feel it, and you feel it right in the base of the penis. And you can feel the “fatigue” after a session like this, and it ain’t the fat pad that feels wore out. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is in fact stretching the ligaments. Maybe the difference between a regular and a water pump effects this, I have no idea, I never used a regular pump. Stretching like this stretches the hell out of the suspensory ligaments. No doubt in my mind.

This looks amazing! Can’t wait to get my bathmate, maybe a cpl weeks of getting used to it before I implement some stretching though lol

Back on Jan 3, 2012 - Stats: FL- 4.5", FG- 4.8", EG- 5.6", EL- 6.1", BPEL- 6.8"

Goal by Jan 1, 2013 - EL- 7.5", EG- 6" -----> I have a LONG way to grow :)

Grow or Die Tryin'

I have been doing these stretches in the BM, plus my version above, I was struggling for 180.

For the last week or so I was just under 180, No matter how much more I pumped it would not give me a single mm more .!

Well in today’s session I managed to get to just over 180, about 182.! Again this is at full pressure, looks to me like a gain of 3 - 4 mm.! I am happy with that.

That’s cool. Out of curiousity, do you ever get much of the “donut effect” after pumpung? How about your EQ? Sometimes I would only be able to get like a 80% erection for a few hours after an intense pumping/stretching session. Always returned to good “morning wood” if I took a day off.

Raybbaby, yes I do get a donut effect, not to much though, as for erection, I don’t bother trying to get one, unless my girl decides to start twiddling with

In the past I have watched too much porn, I think if one watches too much then that big turn on can start fading away.. But thinking about it I am probably in the same position as you, maybe 80 - 85% hard, it depends on what I watched I suppose.

Nice ideas. Great to see so many innovative thinkers around.

I do JAI’s with mine. No donuts.

This exercise is very good whit BM for fast length gains and very intense.. So be careful and go slow too full routine. It’s easy to overdo it.. I use the Goliath model with these exercises and can feel a light burn in the ligments after this session..

I love the BM cause you can do so much with it and it’s easy too pump up fast..

Thank you raybbaby for your inspiration.. I love my Bathmate!

I read several of you have gained length while in the bathmate. Have any of you had success in permanent, measured length gains outside of the bathmate? Besides using the bathmate, did you do any other PE to achieve these length gains?

Started: 6.75" BPEL, 8" (20 cm) BPFSL (1/2015) x 5" (12.5 cm) EG; Current (7/2017): 8" (20 cm) BPEL, 8.2" (20.5 cm) BPFSL x 5.8" (14.5 cm) EG; Gains (7/2017): 1.25" (3.125 cm) EL, 0.2" (0.5 cm) BPFSL x 0.8" (2 cm) EG

Short-term goal: 8.25 (20.625 cm) BPEL, 8.3" (20.75 cm) BPFSL x 6" (15 cm) EG; Long-term goal: 9" (22.5 cm) BPEL x 6" EG

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Originally Posted by raybbaby

Soo, it was recently brought to my attention…

Could you not do the same stretches with a standard tube, or have you not tried that?

Originally Posted by gprent
There has always been some discussion as to whether stretching with a “regular” vacuum tube can really stretch the ligs as the tube is only connected to your fat pad skin.

Do you not think that this is the same or similar to using the Autoextender that many guys here use? It’s just that more of the shaft is covered by cylinder instead of a silicone compression tube. Just my thoughts.

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