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Bathmate Size

Bathmate Size

I am looking at getting a Bathmate or Penomet. I am a little over 7 inches bone pressed long and 4.75 around. I was wondering which sized bathmate I should get, or if I should get a Penomet, since I have decent length, but my girth is a bit under average.

I would recommend a Bathmate, either the Hercules, or the X30. I bought one, started using it at 7 1/4”x5” girth. It got me to 5 1/2” in girth, but no real length gains. I think the problem with the Penomet system is that the lower resistance gaiters don’t produce very much vacuum. I have no complaints about my Hercules, except that I think I have worn the bellows right out, and now it doesn’t produce as much vacuum. But I’m ready to make the move to a Goliath after I take a few months off for deconditioning. I just watched a Penomet vs. Bathmate video on Youtube earlier today. While the tester guy’s technique was flawed at best, it was quite clear to me that the less strong bellows of the Penomet system were probably just this side of useless. I think the Bathmate is better, and also it is cheaper. And that’s my opinion on that.

I wasn’t going to post this link, mostly because this guy is not using these as water pumps, but is air pumping with them, but you can see what I mean by the Penomet gaiters/bellows not being as strong as the Bathmate.

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Ditto the Bathmate. The Standard one is plenty large enough.

I have two. One for Home and one for the road.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll probably get the Hercules in the coming months.

Penomet Pressure

Not sure if I can believe this test; we did a test where we asked the certification body SGS to do a comparison and the key findings where;

- Penomet held the pressure for longer and lost air at half the rate that of the control units from Bathmate
- Penomet Gaiters where inconsistency by shoreA +/- 5, after that finding production was changed to be +/- 1 in tolerance. Every gaiter is also tested to ensure the hardness is correct.
- Bathmate did surpass Penomet slightly when Penomet was using the Force 70 gaiter control units.
- Penomet surpassed Bathmate when using Force 75 and Force 80 significantly.



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Was yr girth gains permanent? How long did it take to see such results?

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I think my gains came at a rate of about 1/4” in girth per 6 months. So I gained 1/2” in around a year that seems to be permanent. Someone told me that was really fast gains for girth. It seemed like it took forever to me. I haven’t had any further gains with it, but I’m taking a nice long de-conditioning break right now. And I can believe that someone could come out with a much better test/comparison between the Penomet and Bathmate, as that guy is just using an empty tube of air, rather than water. I’d love to see another test. If anyone comes across one, maybe they can post a link. I’m going to continue my decon until I have money for a new Bathmat, maybe an X40 or a Goliath model. I just have a feeling that the vacuum levels from the Bathmate and the strongest gaiters for the Penomet are probably very close to the same. Simply because both manufacturers would be looking for the highest possible vacuum they felt comfortable giving the user, without putting said user’s penis at risk of injury. Nobody wants to deal with the liability lawsuits resulting from a product that wrecks user’s dicks.

Here’s a sizing chart for B.M. Pumps. I would need the BIG one. They are quite expensive.

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7 inches. I am 50mm in diameter. Would it be better to get the Goliath then as I would be getting expansion against the walls of the tube?

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Just out of curiosity - why are you de-conditioning? Have you suffered any side effects from a year of pumping? EQ, less frequent spontaneous erections, or anything else? Also, have you noticed any difference in decreased girth over the course of de-conditioning? It just seems to good to be true that the gains would be permanent.


I just ceased getting gains. No injury. Everything is fine as far as how my unit functions, but I would get a post Bathmate session girth of six inches, sometimes more, but it would be back to five and a half after twenty four hours. And as I stated earlier, I think the bellows are worn out, and not producing as much vacuum. Also, with an un-pumped girth of five and a half, and six after fifteen to twenty in the Bathmate, I was getting really gnarly red rings around the base of my penis from the bellows. It was just time for a break, and also time to retire the old Hercules pump. It took me from five inches around to five and a half, so I’m happy with that. And I feel I should add that the added girth seems pretty permanent, as it was still that thick when I woke up with a morning woody today. Just resting, and getting ready for my next big go at PE. I’m pretty sure I can get it up to eight by six when I get back to it.

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