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Bathmate Repair

Bathmate Repair

Hello all. I just got my shiny new Bathmate in the mail today, but alas I’m having difficulty all ready! Upon attempting to use it shower style, the vacuum dissipated which sent it falling to the bathtub Subsequently, it seems that water simply drains out the other end, leaking out of the end cap. The little package insert that detailed troubleshooting suggested taking off the end cap with a screwdriver, and reseating the little plastic plug with foam circular washer. Attempting to do so thus far has not proved successful. I /think/ this isn’t an issue of the plastic “O” ring at the junction of the main chamber. Is there something I’m missing? Right now I’m letting the whole thing dry out a bit. Does anyone have any suggestions? If not, I’m calling tech support in the morning. Thanks again, everyone.

I would suggest you don’t try to repair it. but call them and explan the problem. Otherwise they might claim you damaged it.

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Inspect the parts very closely. Perhaps there is a crack.

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A couple of other things. Under normal conditions, this cylinder will not hold water when you fill it. It does tend to leak out of the capped end, so you should hold a finger over that hole and put the cylinder on quickly once it is filled to the top.

Once it is under pressure and the cylinder is more or less pointing downwards, if there is a leak on the cap end, you will see bubbles entering the cylinder there. A few very small bubbles can be normal and might disappear with a little more pressure. It should not lose a lot of pressure very fast though, but it does require a pump now and then to keep the pressure up.

If you had it fall off, perhaps you didn’t have enough pressure applied in the first place. Maybe you were being too cautious.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Thanks again, Gprent. I was thinking it should be holding much more water when it was being filled. When I used it successfully tonight, it fell off twice during the course of the 15 minute session (mostly because I probably wasn’t pumping it down frequently enough, as I was washing my hair or something) Seems out the thing is fine, and I made it into an engineering project for nothing! I guess I’ll have to monitor it and get a better feeling for when to give it an extra squeeze.

I’ve noticed that the O-ring at the top might leak and suck in air. I had such a leak yesterday, this is how I fixed it.

Where the O-ring seals agains the plastic, if there is buildup of deposits (hard water, dirt) then the O-ring will have difficulty sealing against the surface. Take the top button and twist it around - push in a little and twist more. This way, deposits on the side are rubbed by the O-ring and might chafe off.

regards, mgus

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It has a one year warranty against manufacturer defects. Contact them and get it replaced.

P.S. I have better luck with mine laying down or sitting in the bathtub than I do standing. I get an excellent seal etc.

When I first used it, I needed an extra hand. One hand to stop the water going out of the front, one for holding my balls back, one for holding the tube and later one for applying the vacuum. So that didn’t work. I found that the cap of the wife’s deodorant fitted perfectly over the top of the tube, thereby making it a whole lot easier to put the thing on properly. I mean, I still can’t see me doing it the right way under the shower without that nice little cap. Might be of some use to bath mate users..

A little off topic question to finish my first post on Thunders. The only place I really feel pressure on when using the bath mate is the frenulum. Is this normal with pumping, or am I just a little tight on that spot? Just curious what other users experience on that matter.

The shower method is awkward at best. Instead, take a relaxing bath and watch the Bathmate go to work. It’s always worked for me.

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