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Do you think Bathmate needs a pressure gauge?




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Bought the bath mate 8 months ago .

Used it maybe 3 or 4 times .

Decided that with out a gauge would not us it anymore .

Wasted a lot of money on this poorly design device.

only would only consider one with a gauge.

Do not want to take a chance .

What good is it if it doesn’t work even if it’s 12 inches long .

I am not PE just for show .

I enjoy sex with beautiful women.

I like EVERYTHING about the bathmate over a regular vacuum pump, but I will still buy a regular pump very soon simply because of the gauge. I care much more about safety in the long term and I feel that i can have much better results if I can monitor the pressure.

If your company was coming out with a bathmate with a gauge, how long would it take to be out for sale?

I was gonna buy a bathmate, but without gauge, as everybody said it can’t be so “safe”. I’m hoping it will update soon or else Im gonna buy a regular pump. Beware ! :lol: :)

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

Bathmate is a water pump in the first place. Wouldn’t the water destroy the gauge with time?

August I noticed you have some pretty impressive stats. What portion of that is due to using the Bathmate?

4/2008 Bpel 6.50, Beg 5.5, Mseg 4.9

6/2008 Bpel 6.75, Beg 5.5, Mseg 5.1

9/2008 Bpel 7.00, Beg 5.5, Mseg 5.1

Darn, got this from my boss after pressing on the gauge!

Bathmate and the vacuum pressure.

Further to valid comments made by Agust re the vacuum inside a Bathmate and a gauge to measure it, I feel it is essential that you are all aware of the technology of Bathmate and why it does not act like a traditional pump. You are obviously all aware of how the Bathmate operates and how the pressure is generated, it is the physics of it that are important.


Bathmate, unlike most penis pumps, creates the vacuum around the penis in a unique way. It is the elasticity in the gaiter that generates the negative pressure which causes the penis to swell. The gaiter can only regain its original size by filling the space with your expanding penis. So the pressure inside the tube is directly proportional to the elastic force of the gaiter and the pressure can never exceed it. For the standard Hercules gaiter, the maximum pressure inside the tube is 0.4 bar.

When you compress the Bathmate onto your pelvic seat with your penis inside, the gaiter compresses like a bellows. At that point, while you hold it compressed against you, the pressure inside the tube is the same as outside the tube, it is only when you release the Bathmate that the gaiter tries to regain its natural state and this is what creates the negative pressure inside the tube. This is very different to traditional methods, where air is actually pumped out of the tube by a separate pumping mechanism to create a partial vacuum.

How does this benefit the penis? Think of a body builder developing his muscles. He does not start building up his body by immediately trying to lift massive weights which can damage his body, he exercises using controlled weights over a period of time. That builds up solid muscle and does not damage the muscle tissues. The same applies to the penis, and this is what makes Bathmate a second to none penis exerciser as well as enlarger.

There are key factors that should be understood from a medical viewpoint, and this is even more important when dealing with Erectile Dysfunction.

1. Because the pressure in Hercules can never exceed 0.4 bar, there is no danger of damaging the penis. For example: With an air pump, unless safety valves and pressure gauges are fitted, you can simply pump out to almost a total vacuum. You have all seen science fiction movies where astronauts’ visors break when in outer space…well, imaging the same forces acting on the penis.
2. Because the pressure inside a Hercules can never be greater than 0.4 bar, and this is physics facts, there is no need to fit a pressure gauge and safety valve to Bathmate.
3. The gaiter regains its normal size slowly as your penis expands to fill the gap. This causes the pressure to gradually fall away and you need to pump again. But no matter how many times you pump, you cannot exceed 0.4 bar
4. This pulsating increase and decrease in pressure inside the tube is what really builds up the penis and it can be likened to a body builder lifting and lowering weights to exercise his biceps.
5. If the penis is exposed to extreme pressures this can burst the blood vessels in the penis and cause pain and bruising. In severe cases it can cause the penis to burst or become badly distorted and even bent. This cannot happen with Bathmate
6. Another important point and this is extremely important when dealing with ED, the pulsating action of Bathmate allows free flow of blood in and out of the penis during exercise. This is vital to remove the build up of toxins in the penis which can lead to erectile problems.
7. This is also helped by the Bathmate seating on the pelvic seat and not on the penis shaft.

These are amongst the real strengths of Bathmate, and why it is superior to any other pump on the market. This is the message we must get across.

I will now give some suggestions as to how this can be portrayed on the web site.

• Body builders do not become Mr Universe overnight by lifting a huge weight once, they become Mr Universe by exercising with controlled weights over extended periods of time…the same applies to the penis.
• The Bathmate is a penis builder, not a penis destroyer. It is designed to make your penis bigger and stronger over time through regular workouts, and at the same time keeping it looking exactly the same - if somewhat larger.
• With Bathmate, your penis is working against the elastic forces of the gaiter to develop it, and consider how many elastic devices are used to build up muscles in the gym? In fact, if you could simply fit a giant air vacuum penis pump over your arms to pump up your biceps, why would you need to work out in the gym?
• The pulsating pumping action of Bathmate also allows blood to flow in and out of your penis, which is essential to keeping the penis healthy and preventing the build up of toxins which can lead to erectile problems in later life.
• The gaiter on the Bathmate is designed to work with a pressure that is not harmful to the penis. On the contrary it has been designed, following extensive medical research, to make your penis healthier as well as bigger. The gaiter is made from a material still on the US military secret list, which makes it highly valuable as well as perfect for function. Beware of cheap imitations and counterfeits.
• Bathmate is not an overnight, one hit miracle. It is a product designed to give those of you who prepared to work for it a larger, healthier penis. Those who claim that Bathmate does not work, and they are very few, are either not reading the instructions properly, not prepared to put in the effort, or, as is more likely, our competitors whose products cannot compete.


What maybe you could tell your boss is even if it cant go over .4bars it still lacks the ability for us to pinpoint what we want. What if we want to use only .2bars of pressure the entire time but have no way of judging. I think a gauge regardless of safety precautions is still necessary cause what if some poor sap got the one that doesn’t open at .4bars and opens at 1.2bars because of malfunction or ect ect ect. You just ruined this mans life for ages all because of a cheap 2-10dollar gauge that coulda been put on it to have as an extra precaution. I know people would be willing to pay the extra cash for it, just not sure why your boss is so hesitant to entertain the idea.


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Short Term Goal: BPEL - 6.5" EG - 5.0" | Long Term Goal: BPEL - 7.5" EG - 5.5"

Good point NB… I was a bit upset when I got that message from Steven :(

Originally Posted by Bathmate
Good point NB… I was a bit upset when I got that message from Steven :(

As you may already know many men trying to enlarge their penises get to this forum as it’s a open minded forum with lots of knowledgeable guys. And also, you may already know many men didn’t know about pumps or alike,not even mentioning water pumps before joining in here(myself included). So , I came here and all I see that the water pump needs a gauge and if it doesn’t have one is not accurate/nor safe to optimally “work” the penis. I think,in my situations are many, so you could tell that to your boss if he cares more about making $ than making satisfied customers,as here is a good target for bathmate.

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

0.4 bar = 11.8 inHg

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

It is the elasticity in the gaiter that generates the negative pressure. If you´d find some unit that doesn´t works propertly, at least you get any depressure. No risk I think. And I think one of the advantages of bathmate is the simplicity of use. Only one way to do it. I will try some day. I only hate its publicity jaja.

Originally Posted by Jawbone

0.4 bar = 11.8 inHg

The pressure that is usually recommended for pumping is from 3-5 inHG so the max bathmate pressure is more than double what is usually considered to be safe. I still think some kind of pressure gauge would be a good idea.

Its already expensive. It already has guys complaining of valve trouble. You add a gauge and the price will go way up, durability and reliability will go down.

A gauge isn’t needed if you learn to use the calibration on the sides. Learn what ideal length under vacuum for you is in relation to either your bpel or bpfsl and its a good piece of equipment.

Originally Posted by JerseyDevil80
The pressure that is usually recommended for pumping is from 3-5 inHG so the max bathmate pressure is more than double what is usually considered to be safe. I still think some kind of pressure gauge would be a good idea.

For water pumping you can go significantly higher and be safe, similar to the effect of condom pumping. I agree with the manufacturer that this is a safe device. The worst that can happen is to perhaps get some spotting and edema with decreased EQ. OF course you can max it out and go way beyond recommended times and probably jack yourself up good. But, really there is no completely idiot proof method for anything!

The vacuum is limited by the design, and the max level is certainly within a reasonable limit. When I water pump with just a cylinder and its tube, and draw the water by mouth, I find the tunica itself sets the limit, and its almost impossible to go past it, I believe that is due to the non-compressibility of water. Air on the other hand I can draw a very dangerous level by mouth, which can damage the surface blood vessels rather easily.

IF you follow the guidelines, start with less than max vacuum and low time and slowly build up, its a very safe device.

Once you figure out the best level for you, you would find the gauge unnecessary and cumbersome and another source of possible failure. AND finding your proper vacuum level is fairly easy. You start at a LUV (length under vacuum) of about 1/2 inch less than your bpel and adjust it from there. AS you bpel increases, increase the LUV by the same amount.

There, I just saved you the expense and hassle of a gauge.

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