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Bathmate + other PE methods for length or girth

Bathmate + other PE methods for length or girth

I’ve been using my Bathmate for about a year now and have slowly gained a few millimeters with it in length and girth although during most of that time I would alternate stretching and jelquing with Bathmate pumping alone on separate days.

During the last 2 months I’ve been experimenting with ADS + Hydropumping: Manual stretching for a few minutes then sitting with my penis in traction for as many hours as possible, applying constant far infrared heat. I do this before hydropumping every other day and the rest of the time I’ll stretch for 3 hours per day on average.
This combination has really accelerated length gains however girth gains seem to have stopped or slowed down in comparison.

Has anyone discovered the best Bathmate + PE technique combination to target girth?

Originally Posted by G263

I’ve had great luck with pumping and Jelqing at a high eq. When I say high eq I mean 80-90 percent.

Could you elaborate please, what does your routine look like? Do you manual stretch before jelquing?

Did you try to do heavy horse squeezes and jelqs right after the traction with constant heat? Doing girth work with a very well warmed up and stretchy penis could yield different results, imo. Then you add the bathmate with hot water.

I used to manual stretch then jelq before hydropumping but it seemed to be too intense, maybe I should try jelquing alone after traction. I haven’t tried horse squeezes yet.

Ok so maybe don’t look into horse squeezes yet, just do some proper jelqs or focus on length for a while, it seems you are making good gains at the moment.

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