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Bathmate or Vacuum pump?

Bathmate or Vacuum pump?

Just ordered myself a vacuum pump from here , but after I put in the order I saw they had the Bathmate as well and started considering changing the order to a Bathmate.

So can anyone please give their two cents on which to buy pros/ cons. From my perspective a vacuum pump seems a bit more ‘sophisticated’ but the Bathmate on the other hand seems easier to use and have the benefit of using hot water while pumping and without lubing up as well.

Keep the vacuum pump and buy a mityvac fluid jar if you want to water pump.

A normal pump and cylinder will let you pump wet or dry, let you change cylinder sizes when you need to and has a gauge which makes a big difference.

That my 2 cents anyway.

Stick with the pump you bought with the gauge. For just starting out, it is most important that you know exactly what pressure you are using so you avoid injury.

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Thanks. Both of you, and was actually thinking about what you wrote there gprent so I will stick to my order, best to stay on the safe side to begin with.

I have a pump made by Magnum and its definitely of good quality. From my experience, 3hg for long sets (10-20min) is way more effective than the high pressure/low time combination. Start slowly, its very easy to kill your EQ from over-pumping.

Best of luck!!

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Thanks, good to know. Looking forward to receiving my new ‘toy’.

I agree with all of them. Use the vacuum pump with the gauge. That will be safer

Originally Posted by megzobo

I agree with all of them. Use the vacuum pump with the gauge. That will be safer

Not only safer, but more convenient to use. Can be worn anywhere without concern for water spillage. I hate being confined to a bathroom. I sometimes do pumping while on my bed without concern for leakage. You can always use the cylinder with just a tube attached for sucking out the air with your mouth if you want to water pump.

Just one question, am buying lube and was wondering if water based lube is ok for creating the seal? Or do I need some oil based lube?

Vacuum pump is the way to go.

Water-based lube for sure. I use thick K-Y to lube up the opening and the first inch or two of the tube. That is good for getting the seal. I lube myself with astroglide.

Lampwick and petit faun taught me how to get a GREAT SEAL every time:

Newbie can’t get a perfect seal — is continually pumping the pump ok?

Thanks again, guys!

Ok, thanks for answers and the link, will read it for sure. :)

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