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Bathmate on Tosh.0!

Bathmate on Tosh.0!

So last night I’m watching Tosh.0, and as the show returns from commercial, I see the little “how it works” clip from the Bathmate site. And then, with the black box superimposed over the genitals, they showed the “how to” section, also from the Bathmate site. Then Tosh did his little skit about the pump or whatever. It didn’t strike me as all that funny, bu that may be because I’ve been using mine for a year and have gained a half inch in girth. Anyone else see it? Was it weird to see an actual piece of PE equipment on the television? How much do you think Bathmate sales are about to go though the roof? As much as the audience was giggling throughout, at the end when the model released the valve and let himself out of the pump, even though his junk was blocked out on the TV, you could then tell by the audience murmurs that the result, invisible to the TV audience at home, was in fact impressive to the live studio audience.

Ya I thought it was funny, I would have liked him to actually use it instead of pretend to. but I think bm is gonna start getting arround more in the US.

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starting blocks march 19 2004 6.5 bpel 5.5 girth bpel-7.75 eg- 6 3 months 1.25 inches in length 1/2 in girth. Last month sitting idle because my tool is now black instead of white.

Something like that will bring PE to the mainstream quicker than anything else.

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