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Bathmate - how can it continue to sell


Bathmate - how can it continue to sell

The company says it has sold over 200k units 2011 (or 2012) but when I google stories I can only find
A handfull stories which says its working and whereas I also find the storyteller seems trustworthy.

Its pretty obvious that the Bathmate don’t make permanent gains on people otherwise
Google/TV/Radio would be flooded of success stories. So how can this product be still on the market?

My guess is that ppl just see it as a toy to have fun with after they realize its not working.

What do you think or do you believe its working in making permanent gains on your flaccid and erect unit as stated on their website?

I’m not sure there is a positive correlation between how many stories you hear from radio/tv/internet about a product and the product itself delivering what it promises.

Personally, I had a terrible experience with the Bathmate, and would never recommend it to anyone.

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Current measurements (Nov. 2017): BPEL: 8in EG: 5.75in BPFSL: 8.25in flaccid BP length: 6in

FWIW, I bought a Bathmate when I first started PE and stopped using it pretty quickly. However, I gave it another try after I started pumping and now I really like using it. It’s just much easier for me to use during a morning shower than my air pump.

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3/5/13: BPEL: 6.875", MEG 5 5" (max goal BPEL: 7.5", MEG: 5.75")

I guess it sells because it makes PE sound simple and easy which will always appeal to people.

In the end it’s just a pump and any success will be more due to how it’s used.

The answer could probably go along the lines of this. How many people do you think out there that perform PE would talk about it to other people. Generally people want to increase their unit for their own ego so they can measure up and be possibly bigger then their mates. Say you get to that goal would you prefer to keep it secret and joke around saying, “I have a bigger cock than you” or be like, “oh yours is technically bigger by genetics but I did this and that to make it bigger”. I wouldnt speak on behalf of everyone but I myself am one not to brag or bring it up to other people. Other people as in people you know on a day to day basis, not online, etc. It would be difficult to talk about it as a success story as people arent going to go boasting about having a smaller penis that then became bigger. I know I wouldnt go on the news and say guess what my penis became bigger from the bathmate, etc. Other than that you can just go on forums like these and believe some people or not.

Just my opinion :D

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Originally Posted by Dude151

I’ll put it this way, if any manual PE exercise would “work” wouldn’t they be all over the news too

I am sorry to tell you but manual PE exercises do “WORK”. Stretches, Jelqing, Hanging, Pumping all work very well and if you spend a bit of time searching this site you will find TONS of photographic PROOF of the effectiveness of these exercises.

Anyone saying manual PE exercises (or hanging, for that matter) doesn’t work is fooling themselves. I’m loving my gains so far.

PE is in its infancy: we know things works and we kind of know why, but without legitimate research, it is difficult to legitimize the practice.

I think it’s just waiting for a breakout. I bet if someone approached PE intelligently, documenting everything, using research, and made significant gains, and PUBLICIZED IT (let’s face it, 99% of us are in hiding here), it could be huge.

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People wants shortcuts, so PE will never become ‘mainstream’.

Originally Posted by marinera

People wants shortcuts, so PE will never become ‘mainstream’.

I think most guys try it, same as they try going to the gym. Few stick with it and work hard enough at it to get a great body/big penis.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Bathmate is advertised as increasing your unit permanently. Just
By following a simple routine. I’ve read every page to read about reviews from other users and
I don’t find many to be believable success stories.

Since it cost some money I think its reasonable to believe that other potential consumers do
The same research and draw the same conclusion. But they don’t and thats strange for me.(since its still selling a LOT)

Originally Posted by wajiro

I am sorry to tell you but manual PE exercises do “WORK”. Stretches, Jelqing, Hanging, Pumping all work very well and if you spend a bit of time searching this site you will find TONS of photographic PROOF of the effectiveness of these exercises.

I know they do that’s why I put in on quote, my point was that Bathmate isn’t a miracle compared to manual nor is it useless either, I’d say it’s just a part of the whole picture, and since you don’t really hear about manual PE in news or whatever why would you expect to hear about Bathmate

Bathmate success

Perhaps I am of the minority, but I’ve had significant girth gains from using the Bathmate. I bought a unit last November and the Bathmate, in addition to a strong jelqing, squeeze, and stretching routine afterward, helped me overcome a plateau. My only complaint is the amount of idle time (15 mins in the shower) and, lately, I am getting faint red dots each time I use it that want to stick around for a couple days. I’d use it every other day if it were not for the dots, which aren’t so visible erect but are visible flaccid.

Bathmate helps when you use it consistently, just like how PE works when you actually do it.

I’m sure a lot of the bad reviewers didn’t put the time in. I have a bathmate and I don’t use it. That’s my fault.

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