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Bathmate Goliath Comfort Ring Problem

Bathmate Goliath Comfort Ring Problem

I purchased the Bathmate Goliath two weeks ago and it worked great.

A couple of days ago I noticed that the vacuum would not hold as well as when I first got the Goliath and it started to leak on one side.

On closer inspection I could see that the comfort seal (foam seal at the base) had become partially detached.

I have only had the product for a couple of weeks and needless to say I am disappointed in the quality of the seal.

I have emailed support and am awaiting a response.

Any suggestions on a fix?

Perhaps contact cement.

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The best fix for a failure of something that you have had for only two weeks is replacement.

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I fixed mine with cynoacrylate glue, has held ever since.. I have more issues with the venting button on the top bleeding air into the unit

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