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Bathmate and Penomet Turkey Neck

Bathmate and Penomet Turkey Neck

Hey guys, I just recently bought the Penomet extra and I was wondering if the penomet or Bathmate cause turkey neck through continuous use and is their a method to avoid it. I have no turkey neck so far after doing jps 90 day program for 2 months and I really want to keep it that way. Also, do pumps cause a permanent increase in foreskin length, as I would also want to avoid that. Btw, I am uncircumized. Any advice would be appreciated!

PS: I tried posting this under pumps but it wasn’t allowing me to.

Has anybody had any experience with these two pumps? My penomet I just ordered should be here any day now.

Yeah I went awhile without seeing it too much, got decent results in 2-3 months too. Then I started to use higher pressures and ended up severely bruised and very prone to turkey neck. It took months for my dick to return somewhat normal colour, and that’s after 10 months of low pressure and limited BM use, firegoat rolls, and much more manual exercises.

I’m still very prone to turkey neck, I have a Hercules and I can completely fill it if I go full pressure at full erection. But I have a left curve, which jams my head against the tube, and that’s where the edema originates. If you’re perfectly straight and have a bit of space between your cock and the tube, you’ve got a better chance. Now I try and use the BM at 80-90% erection and never use my wine pump anymore, just the regular bellows pressure and I never jam it in too hard.

7.8" BPEL x 5.25" EG

Damn, well I’m sorry to hear about your injury. For sure I’m going to start with the 65 gaiter and then work my way up the 75 force gaiter within a couple of weeks. The only reason I’m really afraid about turkey neck (even though I’m not prone to it) is that I’m about average in both length and girth and I’m afraid that since the tube is so big itll suck up extra scrotum skin, which will end up causing turkey neck.

Anyone else have any input? Adding the pump to my routine starting Wednesday.

Hi Soul45, I have a Bathmate Hercules, and used it a lot when I first got it . I was at the 150 mm mark when I first started using it after about a year of use I’m at the 160 mm mark. Stopped using it 6 months ago just got lazy. Going to start again after reading the post on the physics of water pumping again… I’m circumcised and have the turkey neck thing going on. Being circ. does that to a guy. Mostly I have been focused on foreskin restoration for the past year. and have made good gains in that area. Need to get the pump out and sit in a hot bath with a good book. Gairid…

Thanks for the reply Gairid, I just used my Penomet twice and I’m pretty excited to see some results. It seem liked some scrotum was being sucked in but my skin has luckily been retracting back to normal by the next day.

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