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Bath mate advice

Bath mate advice

I have just purchased a Bath Mate.

My questions are:

- Do you think that 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night is enough to get results?
- How big do you have to be to go to the next size up BM (I pump to 190mm)?
- What kind of results have long term BM users on this forum gotten?

I think pumping alone is an inefficient way to approach PE. I know some people have had great results from pumping alone, but only by devoting many hours to it. Start with the newbie routine and the basic stretches and jelqs, and when you are ready you can add some pumping.

I have used bathmate almost every day (20 minute session) for 6 months. It’s a fun toy and will give a massive result for a few hours. I notice better stamina, EQ and ejaculation control, but very little permanent gain from pumping only. This is probably individual.
I also pump at 190mm, but as long as you don’t outgrow the Hercules you don’t have to upgrade.

10 minutes only is not enough for me to give that pumped up look. I actually do 30 minutes, but 20 minutes is the recommended interval.

I must say after a few months of use, the temporary gains last a little longer, which is a good sign.
If you can stealth-pump 20 minutes every day you can probably pull off having a big dick for the rest of your life. :)

A tip for preserving your bathmate: do not shake the water out of it after use. I did and eventually the rubber ring at the bottom came off.

Good luck:)

Thanks for the responses guys, any more from the readers out there would be great too.

I should add, that I do also stretch quite rigorously for an hour a day as well as use the Bath Mate. Any thoughts if that is sufficient?

I have used bathmate for four months 20 minutes a day. Two days on/one off, and I have obtained very little gains in width and almost none in length. Therefore I am planning to start also with jelqs.

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