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Hey there,

I was just wondering if there are any others out there who pump their balls only. If so, what are some helpful hints. I think I have it worked out for myself but am willing to hear other ideas.



Pump balls/cock

I have pumped both my balls and my cock, mostly separately and sometimes together. For awhile, I pumped my balls predominantly because I had a very tight ballsac which prevented me from having any kind of bulge in my trousers. Ballpumping and some good manual stretching helped me eliminate that problem. My balls hang consistently looser and fuller all the time now to suit my needs and to balance better with the look of my bigger dick.
At present, I do some moderate once/twice-a-week ball pumping with a 2- inch diameter tube, mostly to get a good elongating stretch on my sac rather than just going for enormous size. Maybe once a month, I might just pump my balls large as a temporary and fun visual turn on. I have larger diameter tubes, but as I said above I’ve concentrated on stretched length of my sac more than gargantuan circumference.
Based on the post of members like AVOCET8 , I have recently begun to reincorporate modest cock pumping combined with wearing a cockring after for several hours as part of my PE routine. Been doing this for a week, and I’m seeing noticeable gains in greater thickness and length, especially in the flaccid state. A larger and larger flaccid dick is where my main focus is now.
My flaccid size is staying consistent and fluctuates minimally from 5+inches erect/5.25+inches girth, and I’m shooting for 6 x 6 then 7 x 7 then …. Considering that when I started actively PE’ing a year ago in January 2001, my flaccid size was an embarrassing 1.5 - 2 inches x 3+inches, the change has been dramatic.

Happy pumping!



My guess, having done this for almost 6 months now, is that wearing a cock/ball ring for some hours after PE does make a diffence in flaccid hang. I very much wanted flaccid gain and did not see any significant change until after I started using the ring. Balls seem fuller now, too, but that may be my imagination. They are for sure hanging a little lower.

Although it’s also possible that my flaccid size is finally (and coincidentally) catching up with my erect changes, the ring seems to me a more likely reason.



Wrapping cock/balls is working


I agree with you. It seems also for me that my erect length in particular has plateaued, but my flaccid length and girth are continuing to increase, trying to catch up with my erect stats.

This flaccid growth process seems to have been greatly enhanced by wearing my homemade cock ring (out of folded strips of cut bicycle tubing) and wrapping my cock and balls with an easy on/off lightweight velcro strap containing small magnets (purchased from Walmart). By the way, this velcro strap when worn under one’s clothes can give a guy an immediate “huge bulge”. So adjust the tightness of the wrap for longwearing comfort and for “showing off”, if that’s wanted.

The low vacuum and shortterm pumping cycles combined with jelqing and squeezes are also working nicely for me. After this routine is done, the cock/balls wrapping really helps to maintain my longer/fuller pumped look for as long as I want. When removed, both my penis and balls hang much thicker, looser and lower for the rest of the day and night. The small but steady flaccid length/girth gains seem to be lasting once they’ve been achieved.


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