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Ball Pumping Question - No Results Seen


Ball Pumping Question - No Results Seen

Hello all. I have recently constructed my own ball pump with a sun tea style jar, and have done nightly sessions for the past 3 nights - one hour the first night, two hours the second night and three hours tonite… yet I have yet to see any type of growth whatsoever, visual or by measuring.

I have been into PE on and off for almost 2 years, mainly into stretching and jelqing, but this is my first real attempt at pumping, so I’m perplexed as to why I’m not seeing anything happen yet. Surely I should be seeing a little something by now, right?

I use a medium vacuum - anywhere varying between 4” and 6” of vacuum about, and I notice no loss of sensation or cold spots, yet my skin does get really dark, like purple.

Is it possible that some people are less prone to pumping results that others? Or could it be with me tube and a lack of seal, perhaps affecting circulation? I plan to buy an actual pumping set/tube very soon but all I have for now is my homemade setup.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I’ve never tried it. But my impression from reading about ball pumping at several sites is that you should get a good degree of lynmphatic fluid pulled into your ball sac with results showing, at least for awhile, after one session.

Are you sure you are getting a good seal with this homemade thing?



Originally posted by avocet8

I've never tried it. But my impression from reading about ball pumping at several sites is that you should get a good degree of lynmphatic fluid pulled into your ball sac with results showing, at least for awhile, after one session.

Are you sure you are getting a good seal with this homemade thing?

Excellent. I can find no source of leaks whatsoever. I can pump it up and leave it on for any amount of time without having to reapply more vacuum.


If no one here comes up with an answer, I’d suggest you post the same question in one of the pumpers’ forums that specialize in ball pumping. “Bagman“‘s is one of the more serious ones (moderated). Wish I had a link for you, but I don’t.



I have pumped my balls


I used to have a very tight ballsac that basically disappeared under stressful or cool weather conditions. I used pumping to stretch and loosen things up tremendously. Today, I’m real pleased with the permanent results and can recommend this form of pumping to anyone wishing to effect a change in this part of their anatomy. Pumping my balls has provided me with the opportunity to change the size of my ballsac so that it is more proportional with the increased size of my PE’ed dick. I’ve got a nice regular bulge in the pants now.

I have a question. Have you rigged your sun-tea jar so that only your ballsac is being pumped or are you putting both your dick and ballsac into the jar? You should only be pumping your balls to control that change/growth better.

Without any more information, I would suggest that you use a quality 1.75 inch diameter cylinder or 2 inch diameter cylinder and pump your ballsac only. The reason for this size of cylinders (rather than much larger diameters) is that you want a more confined space in which to expand your ballsac. Using these sized cylinders will give you a simultaneous downward skin stretch and filling up of lymphatic fluid to the sac in a quicker manner.You’ll get a more effective pull/pump this way. I believe that as a novice, your sun-tea jar has too much airspace volume for you to get an effective pump.

If you get larger diameter cylinders, then you run the inconvenience of having your dick drawn into the tube, when you don’t want it .

So, when you get a quality cylinder, here’s what I would suggest:

1. First work on getting your dick slightly erect. This increased size will prevent it from being drawn into the tube.

2. Put lube (cheap moisturing cream will do) on the inside of the cylinder rather than on your ball sac. This will also help in preventing lube from getting on your dick and being drawn into the tube.

3. Place the opening of the cylinder on your ballsac only and start pumping until you have a firm seal. By the way, I don’t use a mechanical pump. I just use my mouth and suck the air out of the tube via the hose, and I hold the pressure with the shutoff/release valve that the tube and hose came with. I’ve used pumps with gauges before which broke, and that’s when I found that drawing the air out with my mouth worked just as well.

4. Keep pump on for one minute, then release pressure.

5. Start pumping again with firm seal for 2 minutes, then release pressure.

6. Start pumping again with firm seal for 3 minutes, then release pressure.
The reason you are doing this is to help in creating an initial better stretch/pump, release, stretch/pump, release….routine. It is through experimentation that I know this works well, at least for me anyway.

7. Now you can start gradually leaving the pump on for longer periods of time and watch things grow. At the beginning, the pumping results will be slow and then after a half-hour, the momentum in results picks up.

8. After a while you can pump your balls easily for one -two hours. I do think that after too much time in the pump, you sort of max out on productivity. So, release the pump and enjoy the much bigger, looser, fuller look.

9. Don’t pump your balls everyday. Every 3-days is a good schedule until you’ve accomplished what you want.

10. When you’re done pumping your ballsac, one last suggestion is to grab beween your sac and dick with an ok grip and then gently pull/stretch/massage your sac manually with the one hand grip. I think this helps in effecting a quicker permanent change.

The big post-pumping size doesn’t last forever, but over a period of time what will happen is that your sac skin will stretch allowing your balls to hang gradually lower and lower on regular non-pumping days and look bigger because they are no longer tightly confined.

At the beginning, you should be reasonable and careful. One thing I will say is that my balls could take quite a bit more of a pumping workout, without detrimental effects, than my dick could. They are quite a resilient pair of buddies. My balls never used to flop around when I walked, and now they do. It’s a good feeling.

That’s my advice based on my personal experience. I hope this helps. If you need more input, let me know.


I try to pump both my balls and dick, because it’s easier to make a better seal, but this isn’t the first time this has happened to me. Back when I was just starting PE two years ago and was experimenting with a penis pump, I tried for a month straight and didn’t see square one of either growth or any type of fluid buildup - nothing! So that tube quickly got tossed aside. Thick layer of dust on it now, too.

But I’m not looking for a looser sack prodominantly or anything like that, I just want to experience a swollen, pumped package. Perhaps I should give up pumping altogether? It doesn’t have a good track record with me… infact, it -has- no track record, hehe.

I’ll keep trying on and off for a bit more, but I think I won’t try anything seriously until I get some proper pumping equipment (guage, plastic tube/jar with good seal, etc.).


Good idea, I think. You ought to be experiencing an inflated unit for some time after pumping. Must be disappointing not to get that when others are. If you do buy a new set-up, pay special attention to the cylinder size. Sounds to me like your opening is way too large.




I finally have figured out why I have been having so much difficulty in the pumping field - too much vacuum!

I haven’t had a vacuum guage, but I once used one to see how much vacuum I can produce in my mouth, using that as judgement for vacuum pressure. So I borrowed one and found out that I went to 10… I automatically assumed it was 10” of mercury, so I didn’t think of it anymore. I just went pumping away, using half of the pressure I produced, thinking it was 5” of mercury…

It turns out the guage I had used was some sort of freaky METRIC guage, thus my measurements were far from correct! What I had thought to be 5” of mercury was infact in the ballpark of about 15” of mercury!! Waaayyy too much pressure, especially for a pumping novice, so no wonder I wasn’t seeing any proper pumping effects!

I now have a proper imperial measurement vacuum guage which I will be using and hopefully will start seeing some proper gains now. As such I have dusted off my penis tube as well and will be trying that also.

Thank goodness I never caused myself any injuries, though! There were times when I subjected myself to said high vacuum pressures for hours at a time! Let this be a lesson to all of those who do not have a guage - get one! Wether it be attatched to a pump or you by a large one at an auto parts store (such as I did)…

If you’re going to do something, do it right! Have a guage.

*EDIT* Actually, I have had my problem prognosis backwards… slightly. It turns out I was using too much pressure when using the penis tube, and too LITTLE pressure when using the ball tube. Because of the vast space differences between the two tubes, the same sensation of vacuum in my mouth produced two vastly different presses in both tubes - about 15” in the penis tube and only 2” in my ball tube.

I have finally solved everything.

FWIW, your balls will let you know real fast when you have too much vacuum. I just go by what mine tell me.


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Recommendation please...

I’m interested in getting started with ball pumping, but I have no cylinder. Can anyone recommend where I can get the best deal on a 1.75 or 2 inch tube to get started?


It depends on the circumference of your penis. If you are 6 inches in cirdumference , ]buy a two inch tube and that will do for your balls alsio.If you are 5 inches in cricumference buy a 1.75 inch tube.. You can figure the size you need by the formula : Circumference = diameter of tube times 3.1416 (Pi) Good luck , and if it is your first tube do not buy a tube extra big because just as sure as God made little green apples, you will catch a testis in the vacuumm and that smarts!

If you want to splurge, go for a longer tube than you think you need, not a wider one. That ball sucking thing boxcar mentions is a real shock the first time it happens. Not one of life’s sublime moments.



Successful pumping is heavily dependent on a quality pump, cylinder, connectors, hoses,appropriate cylinder diameter, etc. So, whether you buy or construct your own, it must be first rate. This makes all the difference in the world.


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