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Bad Day In Pump City

Bad Day In Pump City

Today was an absolute bummer session. Nothing worked right. My attention was scattered. My erections were half-hearted, and half there. Even my time (finally erect) in the tube was about as interesting to me as automobile repair is.

I share this with those of you who are newbies so you will not be discouraged when this happens to you. Days like this are bound to. They are a sure thing at various times during your process.

It isn’t your dick, it’s your head. If your head isn’t into your routine, chances are your dick won’t be either.

I cleaned up my cylinder, packed up my stuff, and moved on to the next item on my list of important things to do.

And I didn’t even have a pumped up unit when I was done. Now that really pissed me off.



That’s the way last night’s and this morning’s sessions were for me too. Maybe my body has gotten used to 2-a-days and needs a rest.

BTW, with all the posting about erection angles and hanging angles, have you made any mention of pumping angles? I get a good stretch by holding the tube straight up against my abdomen, after it’s securely packed, of course.


"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

Tex3. You, too? Maybe there’s something in the water.

I don’t have much choice with erection angle. Straight out, 90 degrees from the body gives the best seal, but that’s the way my erections have always stood anyway.

I wonder how guys with a natural, very steep angle get a good seal. Is that what you’re saying? You just bend it down to perpendicular?

If so, I’m curious if anybody who does this sees a change in normal, non-pumped angle over time.

Btw, if anybody is worried about this happening, having a 90 degree’er is not a bad thing in any sexual way.



Originally posted by avocet8

I wonder how guys with a natural, very steep angle get a good seal. Is that what you're saying? You just bend it down to perpendicular?

No, I’m a 90 degree man too. I bend it up and point to the sky. Once I pack the tube, the seal stays, and I can move the tube left and right and feel good lig pulls.


"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

I hear you guys, sometimes it’s hard to get the mental energy to get an erection to go in nice and hard. I think in those situations it is best to pack it in and relax and look forward to the next session.

Regards Rolo

I’ll join in and if it’s something in the water then it reached all the way to Israel..

I had the most horrible week of PE ever, I was ill with a really bad cold, couldn’t get almost any erection at all, my flaccid was so small, it seems that just after I’ve gained girth last month I lost it and more this week (I haven’t really, and I haven’t measured but I was looking so skinny this week).

Anyway I couldn’t even do my workouts, I did very short sessions that were very ineffective, hey - I didn’t even have the energy to check out Thunder’s Place! and yet after this worst week, when I started feeling a bit better, and after falling asleep with a shriveled flaccid and another horrible session I just woke up in the morning with a huge erection that was fat again! Even bigger than usual! And now things are looking good. So go figure..


Glad to hear it’s still there. Have a great, new, inspired week. Don’t you just hate it when what you want to work doesn’t? But it’s all part of the experience.



Thanks avocet,

I hope I will. Though after a very good day Saturday I had another not so good day Sunday.. I was reminded how right you are about pumping and the dangers of over pumping -

I had a busy day on Sunday, had my son over at my place and didn’t have the time for a full 2 sessions like I normally do. So what I did was 1 session of only pumping with 5 sessions of 7 min. at 5hg and a 2 min. break in between each. Then i put my cock ring on and some hours later I tried to go for a full normal session (the one I usually do is 4 sessions of pumping as above, with breaks of 8 min. of jelquing and squeezing), only to find out I wasn’t able to jelq at all cause I was so over pumped and full of fluid, I could only feel the fluid and it also hurt.

This was most probably due to the fact I only took 2 min. break, without any jequing (which helps to reduce fluid), with pressure slightly higher than usual, and I did 5 pump sessions instead of 4.

So I had to cut this second session short. Honestly you very right in saying that in pumping alot of the time - less is more.

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