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Back to pumping?

Back to pumping?

Two night ago between sets I was doing some manual squeezes. I was working my grip slowly up the shaft when a vein burst. How long should I wait to go back to pumping? I only have a bruise looking area and no pain. I plan on staying away from the manual squeezes for some time but would like to get back into pumping ASAP.

I’m guessing that you did not break a vein, but instead some smaller part of the system, such as a venule or capillary. Nevertheless, proceed with caution. If it was me, I would wait until your penis appeared to be completely healed - no discoloration - and then give it a couple weeks after that. That’s not based on science or medicine, just caution. You might want to do some GENTLE massage in between to keep fresh blood circulating in to help with the healing process, and make sure you’re on a good healthy diet. Don’t rush back into things and do not resume pumping or your other PE exercises at the level you were at when you stopped due to your injury.

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