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Back to air pumping and loving it! Is everyone on water now?


Back to air pumping and loving it! Is everyone on water now?

Hello pumpers,

Now that some time has passed and a lot of people have been water pumping for a while, it would be interesting to hear some practical experiences and results from using water pumping and if people still prefer it over air pumping or the other way around.

I was one of the guys who got really enthusiastic about WP and switched exclusively to that for a while. I did not make any significant or proven gains with it, both because I was not doing it consistently for a long enough period, but also because I had just gained some with hanging and gains do not come easy any longer.

Now that I have resumed PE and have been water-pumping exclusively for some months, I decided to try air pumping last week just to experiment and also to see what my length in the tube was at 3-5 hg. What I realized to my surprise was how much more comfortable I felt with air pumping. Using only 3 hg in pressure, I also surpassed my length in the tube when water pumping by a significant margin. I also noticed that the pull against my groin seemed much stronger using water (because of higher pressure?).

I have been having issues with libido which translates to poor EQ, so I`m careful of making judgments on potentially random occurrences, but my EQ seemed to have been better after I switched to air.

What was only meant as an experiment and measure of length for reference, made me switch back to air pumping for now. As it looks now, I will probably stay with air pumping for a while and re-evaluate later on.

Just curious to hear what you other guys have to say on the subject.

Kind regards,


Ah, just what we need, another air vs water thread.

Sorry, that wasn’t meant as a flame. Actually, it’s cool that you made some gains. Let’s just say that different strokes work for different folks, or, different pumps for different chumps!

Or that alternating between the two can be beneficial. :)

Is there really a difference? Same mechanics, different feeling? I never air pumped so I can’t say, but in theory I don’t see what could differ? Interesting to follow anyway! :)

I was not aware that there were that many threads about the subject, so I apologize if that is the case. The last time I made a comment at the end of the large water pumping thread, it kind of went by unnoticed, which often can be the case with larger threads, so I was hoping to avoid that.

After learning about water pumping I believed it to be a superior exercise at least for length, so that is why I was so surprised to see that my length with air pumping noticeably surpassed the length with water pumping and seemingly with lower pressure. I have no objective measurement of WP pressure, but 3-4 hg in air feels considerably lower if the pressure against my groin can be relied on. Air pumping feels more relaxed.

Just curious to see if the excitement about water pumping is still present or if it was something people tried for a while and then got back to air. I can see myself going back to water to change up things, but air is what I will be using for a while now. :)

Originally Posted by Crabman99
Is there really a difference? Same mechanics, different feeling? I never air pumped so I can’t say, but in theory I don’t see what could differ? Interesting to follow anyway! :)

I`m really illiterate when it comes to PE theory and anatomy, but there are some differences. Air and water have different characteristics, water pumping is assumed to produce less edema with higher pressure, heated water should allow for more relaxation and better stretch of the tissues, etc. You should read one of the older threads if interested in a better explanation than I can provide. :)

Thanks! I have read those threads but it’s mostly speculation and I still can’t see why there should be different results from the two. I have a Bathmate so I guess I will stick with that until I get too curious about air pumping. :)

Air pumping and water pumping, the best of both worlds?

I was enjoying the pleasure of both air and water pumping until about six months ago when my pump ball stopped working and I lost my capability to water pump. Never noticed any difference other than that I felt my water pumped erections were slightly “musher” than air pumped erections.


I believe DTWarren meant “mushier” as in “more mushy” (sdolcinato?).

Uhmmm… ‘spongy’ perhaps?

Yah. Mushier and spongy. That is what I ment to say. My new I-Pad tends to change spelling automatically without my noticing. Spongy seems to be the better “technical” term for the condition.

i go both ways, pumping that is

Originally Posted by baggage
i go both ways, pumping that is

Yes. He pumps with men and women, hee hee hee. (I’m sorry, couldn’t resist. I’m in one of those moods. Just got laid.)

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