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Back In The Tube

Back In The Tube

After a prolonged break from PE and Pumping, I got back in the tube last night. Kept the gauge at 5 hg. Some bangbus porn on the PC to keep erect Very nice feeling and quite a comforting sight to see old tally expand. Packed the 2” tube girthwise more easily than I would have thought after 2.5 months off and called it quits there. No fluid and hanging heavy well into the next day.

Great to be back in the tube and back in the game.

Sounds great tally. How long did you pump for in order to pack?

That’s awesome, Tally, but how does he feel about you being back in?

It is better to be safe than sorry I always say. Ease into your routine. I normally start on a modified newbie routine when I come back from a break.


I’m not much of a measurer. It’s sounds a little strange given the nature of PE. I last measured about 9 or so months ago and then lost the tape. I was 7.25 bp by 5 3/8 mid shaft girth.


I packed right at the end of my 3rd 10 minute set.


I hear ya. I’ve been my own worst enemy in the past in my exuberance for pumping and PE. I was keeping a close eye on two trouble spots where I’ve had bruising and red dotting in the past. No trouble and I hope to keep it that way. I’ve never pushed it to BG’s limits but when I see results I get psyched and sometimes have a hard time recognizing that it is best to ease up rather than push ahead.

It’s interesting how I think that my tally gets more elastic as I pump over time and that ability to expand, even after a break, is still there and will hopefully continue to progress (not to mention an increased size at the starting point!).


Glad to read you’re back at the old pump. I found that after taking breaks, I would get excellent pumping results when I jumped back into my routine.


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