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Back In The Saddle/Water Pumping

Back In The Saddle/Water Pumping

I started back pumping late last week after a 5 week layoff to address some bruising issues as well as to take a break from PE more generally.

I had a great first session. Kept the pressure low (about 4 hg) and the sets limited to 3 at 10 minutes. Very nice pump afterwards. No bruising but some minor capillary seepage that went away after a day. The next couple of workouts were more so-so in their results. I attribute that in part due to the fact that consecutive days workouts are almost never as good as the one following a rest day or period.

I tried water pumping for the first time last night. Felt very nice with a good pump afterwards and no fluid buildup. Pumping at a higher than normal pressure felt more comfortable and less risky than it would have without water. Expansion was good in the tube though I didn’t pack. I think that’s due to my long break and trying to build back to where I was before.

What are others’ views on water pumping and its benefits? I think it’s a tool I will keep in the box, though I don’t expect to turn to it exclusively.

My other question concerns the potential for water damage to the pump. I have an LA brass hand pump. Last night, I was careful not to draw in any water but a few droplets midgrated into the front part of the plastic tubing connecting to the pump. None got into the pump. I was able to shake out all but a few miniscule microdrops afterwards. But I wonder if long-term I might be risking moisture damage to the pump if I continue with the H2O sessions. Have others been down this path before? Any tips?


Tally, as I understand it water pumping in an LAP pump will corrode the gauge first.

Watch out for blisters, esp. on your glans. Water softens your skin making blistering more likely. These are painful and take a long time to heal - it seems even longer because sex/masturbation and PE just aggravate the injury and you’d have to avoid all during the healing time.



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