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Attention pump builders- Seal solutions

Attention pump builders- Seal solutions

If you guys have read my “Make your own pump for about $20.00” thread you may have come across the post where I describe how to make a flange type of seal. This procedure requires a drill press and a drumsander. If you don’t have access to tools, another alternative that guys have used in the past is a product from LocTite called Color Guard. This is the rubberized coating that you find on plier handles and such. You just dip, let it dry, dip again etc. until you reach the desired thickness. Home Depot in the States still sells it or a similar product I think. Just ask for the “rubberized tool handle coating”. If they don’t have it you can get it from an industrial tool supplier that caters to machine shops, If you end up here ask for the Color Guard specifically, at least that was the only product I could order here in Canada.

There is a product called PlastiDip that is available here in the U.S. and should be found at any Home Depot.

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Re: Plastidip

b1nzen48 and Gardenier90,

Went to Home Depot last week and bought a can of black Plastidip. I’m still looking for a window of privacy where I can “dip it, let it dry, dip it again, etc.” The question I have is: How far up the side of the cylinder to apply the Plastidip? Does it make the opening at the base of the cylinder smaller? It seems like it would. How thick did you put it on? I bought a second cylinder to compare the Plastidip method with a rubber Fernco coupling that I’m using on my first cylinder. Anyone with experience is welcome to respond.

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J Meister, when using the PlastiDip you shouldn’t have to go more than about 3/4” up the tubeand you can dip as many times as you want, it just depends on how thick you want the end result to be. Reduction of tube diameter is going to occur, but if you build it up enough this will provide a better seal around the base and also act like a cockring while you are in the tube helping to trap more blood in your shaft as it adjusts to the vacuum. In order to provide a wider outside circumference for comfort around the base of the tube, once you have establised the I.D. you want, then just pour some PlastiDip out into a pie plate deep enough that you can just roll the outside edge of the tube around without getting any inside the tube to continue to build up thickness.

Thanks, b1nzen48.

I’ll give your techniques a try.

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I’m in process of dipping. Just read another thread about hanger, where people mentioned using some kind of silicon for padding. Isn’t silicon safer than the PastiDip we talked about here?

Wellcum, it would seem to me that once the PlastiDip has reached full cure it would be in a completely inert state, meaning that all harmful chemicals have been released during curing. Just be sure to let each coat reach full cure before recoating. The PlastiDip seal is something that I first read about in other threads and I don’t recall anybody having a reaction to it.

Thanks. I dip once a day, hoping to create a solid ring at the base.

Scratching my head with hanger though.

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