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Assisted Girth Pumping


Originally Posted by SteadyGains
Thanks for the reply. I guess the question is are you still using the method? I know pumping is easy (peaceful) and adding the wallups is a lot more work. So if it is working, I assume, you’d keep doing it or if it is not you wouldn’t.

BTW, a 2.5 incher is about 7.8” That seems like a huge jump. Do you ball pump? A large tube like that scares me, due to the possiblity of uneven expansion. I think that is from the horror pictures on some sites, but nonetheless scary.

I decided on a 2½” Simply to give pleny of moverment in the tube. As I though a 2¼” might be too tight. I don’t ball pump intentionally. This can be controlled by not lublicating the scrotum. Rather just putting lubricant (acqueous cream) on the rim of the tube. This lessens the possibluty of drawing the balls in. I did buy a 3” tube for BP but found it uncomfortable. - With low Hg the tube tended to fall off. I tried High Hg once had 8” in the tube but also got a blood blister. So that has not been repeated.

I don’t use it regularly now as I think I have gained as much as I am likely to. So it is used more as maintenance (with a certain amount of pleasure thrown in) now.

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I will play with this method in the future. Saving this thread to read and try later. I’m definitely pro pumping and have decided this year to try everything I haven’t.

This…is on there. *chuckles*

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