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As I advance ...

As I advance ...

As I have continued to pump, I noticed that the 4-5hg simply became too less. What I mean is that I got to where I could not really feel any “pump.” So I eased the pressure up a little and there was the feeling that I had when I first began pumping. Is this the normal progression of pumping?


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How long are your pump sets?

When I first started pumping I used similar pressures and would get fluid. Now I can go for a long while maybe 2 hours with out any substantial fluid and no donut. If I up the pressure I get quicker results. If I use the lower pressures and extend my time I get longer lasting results. So for me more pressure is not better but create quicker results that don’t seem to last as long.

I want to stick to lower pressures for a while. I used pressures that were too high originally and my unit is discolored now. Trying to get back to a more normal color hopefully over time.

I have a Joe Kaplan pump and the instructions have you at 10 Hg after you have been pumping a while. I have also seen other workouts that have a progressive pressure routine over time but again not over 10Hg.



I’ve noticed that too. I’ve been pumping now for 6 months steady…well trying to anyway. I’ve read online that that’s what you should do over time (up the hg.. slowly) but never found anything specific as to when to increase the hg. I guess it’s what feels right.

I too started out at 4- 5” hg, but now I regularly hit 6- 6.5” hg for one to two minutes only, then decrease the hg back down to around 5 hg, then go again. This is just a cycling type of thing I do. I’ve noticed also that If I stay at a high hg level for too long I’ll get bad fluid buildup (big dount) effect.

I will say this though. I’ve definately noticed a better “stretch” in the tube using the up and down hg method and hope with time it will cement into true gains.

Anyway, I’ve gained 1/4” “in tube” since January 1/04.


It’s interesting what you said about longer lasting results using lower hg levels and extended set times.
All my sets are 15 min each, with 5 min jelks between, from 5- 6.5” hg, and about 1 hour duration.
I’ve noticed at times my results are not as long lasting as they use to be (don’t keep the pump) and need to correct this if possible.

How long are your extended sets? and what lower hg levels do you use?
I think I might give that a try.


Anyway, I agree. I think at different points along the way you bout have to keep uping the hg levels because the penis adapts to certain stress levels easily.

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