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Argh, pump needle is set to default at 3 hg.

Argh, pump needle is set to default at 3 hg.

I just moved across country and now my needle points at 3 hg instead of 0. Could this be possible due to changing elevations? I have looked everywhere for some kind of way to change it back to 0 but have found nothing. Anyone else experience this? I don’t want to have to mentally subtract 3 everytime I pump. The pump and tube I bought was the Dr. Kaplan combo for 100 bucks. Not bad at all, and the tube is 2”. Any help?

Someone, can’t remember who at the moment, took the glass off their gauge and reset their needle to zero. Not sure how accurate a gauge will be after that kind of treatment though.

The post is here in the Pumper’s Forum I think.

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Thunder is probably thinking of this post.

Will you trust your gauge’s accuracy, readjusted or not? I wouldn’t count on it providing a correct absolute value, though it may be consistent enough to allow you to obtain the same level of vaccum each time you pump. Consistency may be good enough for your purposes.

Otherwise, buy a decent standalone vacuum gauge and plumb it in.

Thanks for the link on that post. I actually feel honored that Thunder would personally respond to this post. This place is great.

You have received the Supreme Blessing, my brother.

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Or something like that.:)

Did it work?


You know what that means. You go from general cleaning to car washing at Thunder’s house.



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