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Are The Gains Permanent or Not?

Are The Gains Permanent or Not?

Hi everyone, omnia from Italy here. Since starting PE I’ve always thought that the only way to increase corpora chambers volume was girth exercises like dry jelq, horse squeeze, huli3 etc. I’ve always been considering pumping as a ‘temporary’ kind of pe, as many say that results fade away after ceasing the pumping activity.

In the last months btw I came across many posts here on thundersplace reporting exactly the opposite: I’ve read many threads of guys that claim to have reached permanent gains trough pumping only, 5/7 for months/years. That confuses me… where does the truth lie? Any report from long term pumpers would be greatly appreciated.

Pumping gains can be permanent. Can but not always are.

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My current hanging project and balls enhancement project. There is no "Holy Grail" of Penis Enlargement. Only time and effort works. I'm *9* years in and counting. All you have to do is put the work in and keep the faith.

In my experience, pumping gains are permanent. But only after quite a bit of time. I guess I should say my permanent gains were acquired over a period of many months. Everyone is a little bit different though, so there is no real set-in-stone type of rule as to what gains you will get, and over what period of time.

I have seen personally that jelqing with pumping yields good results. I have taken a couple 3 day breaks, (mostly sticking to a 5 on 2 off or 6 on 1 off routine) and those couple of times on day 3 of my breaks, I lost no gains, but I’m going on 5 months now.

So far in my short PE journey I have had constant gains but I’m only in half a month.. I would say that there is a huge possibility of gain loss if the pumping or some form of PE isn’t done.

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Nothing is permanent

If you wanted bigger biceps you would have to do a bunch of bicep workouts. If you decided to stop your curls one day, your gains would slowly start diminishing. If you wanted to lose weight you would need to stick to some sort of calorie restriction diet. If you’re not consistent you won’t see results. Your gains will be permanent if you are persistent with your workouts.

I didn’t start making serious gains until I started training first thing in the morning and right before bed. I also wear a cock ring more or less 24/7. I have a few adjustable leather / neoprene straps with snaps, 3 different sizes of silicone ring, a couple silicone ball stretchers, and a steel ring that no longer fits because GAINS. In my personal experience taking L-Argenine, creatine, and occasionally nitric oxice boosters help keep things plumper for longer. Staying hydrated and warm keeps things from “reverting” so fast. I use to use a cocobutter lotion but I find that using straight coconut oil is a lot cleaner. I get the stabilized stuff that stays liquid and find that works the best while being the easiest to clean up.

In the morning I’ll take my supplements, do 2 20 min sets with 5 mins break in between, then shower with a tight silicone cock ring on and change into an adjustable one before it gets too uncomfortable. When I get home I’ll loosen the ring, take some L argenine, and get warmed up and do 2-3 1-hour sessions. I’ll drink lots of water and dump the tube as I need, wearing a cock ring whenever I get out of the tube. In the morning I make sure that I do it under the covers and get nice and warm. When I pump in the living room I’ll wear a bathrobe and sit on a heating pad while drinking tea to keep me nice and warm. If I’m feeling like a princess I’ll sit in the bathtub and waterpump but I can only be bothered to do that once or twice a month. When I get out of the tube I’ll wear a tight silicone ring for 30-45 mins then change into the neoprene strap. during breaks I spend 5 mins edging and if it gets too hard to edge for whatever reason I’ll stop.

Yes, they can be. The body building reference is similar but not exact in my opinion. My penis will never be the same size it was when I started PE and my body will never be the same size after lifting.

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