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Are Pumping Gains Permanent?


You’ll have a hard time gaining length with this size cylinder. The diameter of it gives you a lot of room for girth expansion, if you wanted length from pumping you should have gone for 1.5” cylinder, then you would have been able to pack the tube girth wise more easily and as a result get a better length stretch.

Do you do any stretches for length?

Maybe try to go for the combined approach, so you’ll do 5-7 minutes sets of jelqing and pumping one after the other.

I jelq in between my pumping sessions using a palm down grip, which moves a lot of blood and gives me a real big expansion, I do strong intense jelqs lasting about 3 seconds each.

Also incorporate some squeezes in those jelqing sessions: horses, sadsacks, uli’s, etc.

You haven’t mentioned squeezes so that means you don’t do them?

yes no squeezes, the session is quite time consuming as is. Wouldn’t a 1.5 cylinder be to tight? There is a little room in there for girth, maybe I have bought the wrong cylinder, I guess it would not hurt to buy another and see the difference.


If you want girth the squeezes I mentioned above are pretty essential.

Or else, do your jelqs so they will be hard, slow and intense, like a hybrid between a jelq and a uli. However be aware that the horses have given big and quick gains for almost everyone who tried them.

A 1.5” cylinder will be *less* effective for girth, but more for length, you could pump for length in the 1.5” one and later for girth in the 1.75” one as an example, if you can afford it. However still I think you would have to do something else for length in combination with the pumping - JAI stretches, DLD Blasters, stuff like that.

My method of pumping is to put the chamber on when I go to bed at night using only a LOW vacuum ,and leaving it on for four, five ,or six hours ,taking it off when I wake up

myeight, what do you consider low vacuum?

Low vac

For get about numbers when you are describing a high or low

vacuum .What I would class as low for me ,having 20 plus years of pumping experience, might be extremely high for you.You know by the feeling if you are too hi or lo . If you are to low you have only lost one days exercise .If you are too high ,you have lost your mind!

Originally Posted by rolo

I am about 5 x 4.5 and would prefer both girth and length, but if I had to choose it would be length. My cylinder is 9 x 1.75. I have started some jelquing between sets, say about 20 or so. I would have thought that taking a rest would benefit someone who has already gained, I have not. That is an interesting thread, maybe I should change my routine, but how do shock your dick whilst pumping? Pump longer, higher Hg’s…….I am at the crossroads, but I want to keep going.


Wow great post, but really old.

Rolo; your schedule is really short, you need at least 3, 20 minute sessions a day to notice some changes. Also, you should never have rest periods. Your rest days should be when you do lighter pumping to solidify your gains. The tissue in your penis can retract and heal in the flaccid state resulting in a smaller penis or no change at all.


Did you say you have been pumping for 20 plus years ?

Plase tell us your routine and your gains .

It would be very helpful for us ?


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